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Stay in a ski chalet with friends: why this is the title of a fantastic scenario

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on 01 August 2019

How to successfully plan you ski holiday in Courchevel?
The 35 most "fun" ideas for unique activities.

The chalet for skiing with friends: write your scenario

Do the test: Answer these questions within 5 seconds : “Which film did I see recently at the movies that marked me the most?”

Ask the same question to some friends around you.

How many amongst the many Reponses that you will have received are films of horror, catastrophic scenarios, or negative stories?

A majority

The human brain is designed to think this way.  At first, it remembers the awful things. When someone wants to catch the attention, he or she begins by telling a terrible event happened in the neighborhood. If newspapers want to make more sales, they print stories, either shocking stories or those that generate fear, and keep the good news for the inside pages.

What does this have to do with going on a vacation with friends?

As the organizer or the co-organizer, you inevitably take on the role of a Hollywood screenwriter. With the choices you will make (chalet, activities, amenities, etc.), you will in fact build a story (decor, actions, means, ...). And it is this story that will remain engraved in your friends’ memories, exactly like the films we have just been talking about.

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35 fun Ideas in Courchevel

  1. Organize or participate in a Snow Dance Party
  2. Try the Fat Bike
  3. Discover the Aquamotion
  4. Drive a 470 hp Snow Grooming Machine
  5. ...

Skiing with friends near the chalet: focus on the “happy ending”

Our advice is simple: to organize your holidays among friends, do like the Hollywood screenwriters: Start by the end.

Start imagining now that Happy End. That moment when the trip is coming to an end, when each member of the group is about to take the plane or train, or hit the road, and you promise to each other that next year you will renew the adventure. This stay was "too good". You have to live it all over again.
It is that happy ending that will bring the “yes” to vacations in a chalet with at first 2, then 3 friends, and so on… the group will form. Just like in Hollywood’s best films.

The setting will establish the tone for the story

Of course, in your case, the characters are already defined. You already know yourself well. And even when there are newcomers to the group, the roots of your friendship are already there. The characters asserted. All this is perfect.

So you now have to focus on the second most important thing in a good story: the scenery.

Where will this happen? How will the place we choose shape the story?

Will it bring it to secondary stories, stories within the story that end up polluting everything (deciding who should go grocery shopping today or choose what to do on the second night? …)?

Or will it instead direct your scenario towards strong and positive emotions?
Experiences you'll want to tell your friends. The discovery of new sports. The way a friend has decided to try a wellness activity and she will be so impressed she will tell the whole group and they will have to try it out before the end of the stay.

Making a dream a reality

Of course, you see where we are coming from: our activity consists of proposing the rental of dream chalets, so we will talk to you of our chalets.

You are right, but reread the previous sentence well. In this sentence, the most important word is the word "dream". This word, everyone loves it, everyone repeats it.

But here it is: dream is a word that is a little bit too vague for our taste. So our job is precisely to make it concrete, realistic. To go from the dream to the scenario, from a vague idea to the concrete realization.

It is not just by making them dream that we make our customers return each Winter. It is by allowing them to move from the initial dream to the lived story. By making the lived story become a very strong, pleasant memory.

One of those memories that is brought forth spontaneously when you ask a question comparable to our little test earlier on:

What was your best memory of your last holiday ?

It is by taking care of them as we would take care of the director of a film, seeking in the scenery what neat things he could add to his scenario. This is why we place so much importance on the scenery. It is because we know the important role it will play in the creation of your memories of your holiday.

And outside the chalet

After the characters and the choice of the setting, something is still missing. For a successful scenario, it needs unexpected twists and turns. For this, you will have to propose activities, experiences, real adventures that will revive the suspense and act as the most beautiful memory making machine.

How will you add to your program such unexpected surprises and come up with the most fantastic scenario for your ski holidays with friends? To give you every chance of achieving this, we have identified the 35 most "fun" ideas for unique activities that can be found in Courchevel. And we did it specifically for you knowing you will be struggling with the heavy responsibility of having to prepare a successful holiday with your friends.

Download the e-book, send it to your friends, or send them the address of this page so that they can download it themselves and make their choices already.


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