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8 ideas for cocooning in appartments!

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on 12 March 2018

One of the pleasures of the Winter season is to feel comfortable and warm in plaids, close to the fireplace, and feel like being in a cocoon!

Appartement Myrtille | Val d'Isère

Stargazing from the living room or your bedroom


Just imagine enjoying a superb view of the snow-capped peaks and firs from your sofa or even from your bed, in a peaceful place where you are surrounded by nature, snow and by the tranquillity of the mountain.

What would be better than a romantic evening, warmly set up by the fireplace or in one of the en suite bedrooms, while admiring the starry sky at night? This wonderful duplex, located in the residence Myrtille, close to the Snow Front and to the centre of Val d'Isere, the apartment Myrtille 22 offers an ideal setting for a warm and calm holiday. 

Appartement Croix du Sud | Val d'Isère

Hammam and Balneo Bathtub for your well being!


Would you rather like a balneo bathtub or a shower-hammam? With the two bedrooms in suite of the apartment Croix du Sud, we let you choose according to your preferences! Even if you can still exchange the hammam and the balneo bathtub for a moment ...

In a very chic, elegant but also warm atmosphere, you will have the pleasure of giving yourself a moment of relaxation and refocusing on yourself. The apartment Croix du Sud, located in the center of Val d'Isere offers a soothing environment, where serenity reigns. Enjoy the beautiful mountain view from your living room by the fireplace, or while taking a breath of fresh air on your balcony.

Appartement Aspen Lodge 22 | Méribel

Spend time in family!

Are you planning holidays with your children?

The apartment Aspen Lodge 22, ideally located in Meribel, 50m from the slopes, accommodates up to 11 people including 5 children and 6 adults. You will enjoy a warm living room, with a magnificent fireplace embedded in a beautiful slate column. The skins of animals arranged on the sofa and the large armchairs of the living room, the wooden dining table with benches offer a very friendly atmosphere. If the weather wants to, you will enjoy the wide patios and the view of the snow-capped mountains.

The apartment Les Danaïdes, located in Val d'Isère, accommodating 10 people, also offers an ideal setting for a family holiday, where you will have the pleasure of sharing moments with your children. The living space, provided with many sofas is perfect for playing games.

Cocooning with your family means spending convivial moments together, watching a movie, playing board games and creating great memories for your children while reviving those of your childhood. 

Appartement Abondance | Courchevel Moriond

A warm evening with your friends!


Every moment we spend with family and friends is unique, just like meeting around the fireplace and around the table, are synonymous with joy, laughs and memories. You will be seduced by the superb living space offered by the apartment Abondance, which is a subtle blend of modernity and tradition, located in the heart of Courchevel Moriond.

The large living room with animal skins on the rocking chairs, as well as on the large comfortable sofa decorated with cushions and plaids, offers a cozy atmosphere, perfect to end up the day, and enjoy a glass of champagne in a warm atmosphere!

You will then have the pleasure to sit down at the large dining table, in generous chairs, to enjoy a delicious meal. And since it's holidays, why not call on the services of a Chef to appreciate this moment even more?

Appartement Cygnaski | Val d'Isère

A delicious chocolate cake?


During the holidays, we love spending time with family and with our children. The apartment Cygnaski 5, located in Val d'Isère has 4 bedrooms including a child, with bunk beds.

You will appreciate the living room including both the living and the dining room, with an open kitchen. When the children are in the lounge area, offer them to come and make a good chocolate cake by your side! It is the perfect opportunity to share a wonderful moment together, when the laughts invade the room! But watch out for the battles of flour and chocolate!

Then, you can rest in the cozy living room bathed in a pleasant natural light, in the sofa and the comfortable chairs or even take a frech breath on the balcony and enjoy the calm.

Appartement Ferme Hibou 11| Méribel Village

A great book to read by the fireplace...

Located in Méribel Village, the apartment Ferme Hibou 11 of 63m² offers 3 very cozy bedrooms. You will be delighted by its very welcoming and warm interior, dressed in light and raw wood, sublimated by a splendid fireplace in the living room.

You will enjoy a moment of peace in the living room, with a good book, a hot drink, and the flames from the fireplace providing a pleasant warmth. All the elements are gathered to offer you a wonderful moment.

On their side, your children will entertain themselves in the mezzanine area which is devoted to them, where they will enjoy laying on the the big beanbags dressed with comfortable plaids, arranged on a vast cozy carpet. The perfect place to play board games or even watch a cartoon in their space!

Appartement 4807-4 | Courchevel Moriond

Appreciate a good wine in front of the fireplace...


Imagine being at the beginning of the evening, after a nice day of skiing, in company of your friends, having a good time in the living room, comfortably seated in front of the fireplace. What do you miss to spend an even more appreciable time? A good wine to try!

The apartment 4807-4 apartment has just a wine cellar, what better than feeling warm in your living room, in good company, while enjoying a good glass of wine in the early evening? An ideal setting to relax in peace, in a very chic and pleasant atmosphere.

Located in the center of Courchevel Moriond, the apartment 4807-4 is only 100m from the slopes, ideal to go on the track the next day at the first hour or during the morning.

Appartement Tapia | Val d'Isère

A champagne flute in the outdoor jacuzzi


Coming back from a day spent in the fresh air and wanting to warm up as soon as you come back, that's also what we like about the winter holidays.

The apartment Tapia, located in the Vieux Village area of Val d'Isère, offers you this pleasure. You will enjoy the hammam built with black and white mosaics, in which you can relax and reward yourself of the physical efforts made during the day. Cuddle up in the cozy bathrobes at your disposal and enjoy the sofas furnished with cozy cushions.

But soothing and relaxating can also be appreciated outside ... You will find a jacuzzi on the patio: a superb setting to enjoy a flute of champagne in the hot bubbles of the jacuzzi with your beloved.


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