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8 wonderful landscapes of our mountains during summer!


on 14 May 2018

Our mountains are not only enjoyable during winter and reserved to winter sports. Discover the beautiful landscapes, hidden during winter season, and what it reveals to us when the snow has melt!

This summer, discover...

A calming nature

Spending summer holidays in the mountain is also discovering different landscapes where the snow has disappeared. Forests are no longer white but green, with different shades, the snowmelt has revealed a lake of a deep blue, just like the sky. You will be able to stroll while enjoying the surrounding tranquility and the landscape which is offered to you.


Summits as far as the eye can see

Many trails are crossing the fields of the mountains and give you access to unique points of view. Often accessible to all, you can then climb the mountain, reach the summit of the ridge and let yourself be seduced by a breathtaking panorama, admiring the stunning mountains as far as the eye can see!

A lake nestled in the heart of the mountains

Lac de la Rosière is one of the cult places to discover during summer in Courchevel. This is the perfect place to relax during a walk and to picnic with family and friends: green areas are arranged to accommodate your barbecues. It is also the starting point for hiking as well as the “Via Ferrata du Lac”, accessible to all levels, to reach an even more enjoyable point of view!

Lac de la Rosière | Courchevel

The hidden treasures of the nature

Mountain walks are often reputed to be inaccessible. Do not be apprehensive about that: there are trails accessible to all! Choose your pace and let yourself be surprised by the landscapes that evolve the more you climb! You may be lucky to meet marmots, ibexes and other animals from our mountains! Go for a stroll and enjoy the waterfalls and streams, results of melting glaciers, hidden in the gorges of our mountains. Take a breath of fresh mountain air, and escape from your everyday life!


The beauty of the nature

When the weather is clement, discover the special landscapes that our summits are hiding. Walk around the lake and discover an exceptional viewpoint from which, for example, the mountain is perfectly reflected in the crystal-clear water of the lake. A perfect reflection that leaves us amazed by the beauty of nature ...

Alpine pasture

By taking altitude you will discover chalets nestled in the mountain: the mountain pastures. They are used in summer, when farmers ride their animals in the mountains. These architectures are often steeped in history, it is an opportunity to visit them and spend a fun time in the middle of a walk. Some of them offer you to try out the alpine experience for one day! You will discover localities and points of view, which will give you another vision of the mountains that surround you! Enjoy the sunset or the sunrise which diffuse an exceptional light on the mountains!

A breathtaking sunset

After a beautiful day in the mountains or at the edge of a lake, imagine yourself admiring this beautiful sunset on the peaks. The reflection of the sun on the rock of the mountain creates a color in the pink-orange tones. This view offers a moment of serenity and absolute relaxation, to admire without moderation!

An amazing starry sky

Get some fresh air, when the night has fallen and enjoy a ride of the most beautiful ... During summer, the sky of the mountains is simply sublime, the colors are of a rare intensity and the stars, by thousands, sparkle in this sublime canvas that is the black sky. This show that we can admire on summer nights, leaves us speechless!

For the more adventurous, camping under the stars is also a unique experience to live in this exceptional natural setting.

Starry sky | Méribel


Le Stallion: enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Megève’s all-new luxury apartment complex


on 17 November 2021

From 1-bedroom apartments to 5-bedroom apartments, the new Le Stallion apartment complex combines luxury with privacy and authenticity.

Back to school, let's think about the vacations first!


on 01 September 2021

Back to school and, we all know it, we are already thinking about the next vacations... Vacation dates, map of school vacation areas, resort opening dates, family vacation checklist...

Mountains in summer: disconnection, well-being and strong sensations in an authentic universe!

Family  Entertainment  Well-being 

on 26 July 2021

Spending a summer holiday in the mountains is first and foremost a way of disconnecting yourself from your usual environment. The breathtaking landscapes, the purity of the air, the silence of the villages and the freedom of the wide open spaces are enough to immerse you in an authentic and exotic universe. Discover all the ways to enjoy a summer holiday in the mountains! 

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