Do you know Courchevel Village?

Thanks to the ESF of Courchevel Village, we love it ! Read the blog to discover why...


Snowshoe walk | Courchevel


Dive into the heart of nature and discover the wonders it has to offer during a snowshoe walk... Walk, slide and tumble down the snow-covered trails and discover the mountain, its wildlife and its forest environment.
Walking lovers, simple curious or experienced sportsmen, follow a professional passionate about memorable traces!

And if you wish to combine skiing and discovery, we invite you to join us on the slopes of the Nordic domain. Cross-country skiing is the opportunity for you to discover "more quietly" the different circuits and routes for a sporty and relaxing moment, far from the ski lifts.


ESF Courchevel

Adventuring ...

Are you looking for new sensations? Do you dream of adventure and discovery? Off-Piste is for you!

Accompanied by a mountain professional and equipped with adapted equipment, you will have the pleasure of evolving at your own pace on exceptional routes while pushing the limits of the resort!

From initiation to expert practice, let yourself be guided by our passionate instructors and fine connoisseurs of the domain... A skiing experience far from the slopes, which will give you incomparable sensations of freedom and unique memories!


ski | Courchevel

To surpass yourself....

As an outdoor sport, ski touring allows you to escape and discover places that are inaccessible and still preserved from all human trace.
At your own pace and with the strength of your legs, our instructors will take you to the snow-covered peaks for an unusual experience!
A fully-fledged sporting activity, cross-country skiing will allow you to work on your cardio and breathing on the way up, but also and above all to enjoy the descent, a well-deserved pleasure!

And if you want to challenge the clock, our instructors will take you to Slalom Park!
Discover or (re)discover the competition in a fun and entertaining way by taking the start of an arrow or a chamois. Our experienced instructors will train you to give the best of yourself and discover the soul of a champion!


holidays | Courchevel village

Or more simply....

Learn, improve your technique, gain confidence, improve... everything is possible at the ESF in Courchevel Village.

Our 200 professional and versatile instructors will accompany you on skis or snowboard and offer you personalized sessions in accordance with your expectations and needs.

They travel throughout the station to supervise your activities in complete safety and in different languages: English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch...


Do you feel like it?