Exceptional conditions, exceptional offers...


Discover our amazing offers for spring skiing, including ski passes and last track offered, a bottle of champagne offered at La Folie Douce, for reservations in our chalets and apartments!


Chalet Perce Neige | Courchevel 1850

Longer days!


Enjoy days that last longer than the rest of the winter season to go for a walk in the center of Courchevel 1850. Enjoy the landscapes, shops, and architecture of Courchevel, in a warm and springtime atmosphere!

After a good day, what better than to settle on your terrace with a magnificent view of the fir trees and peaks still snow-covered? The chalet Perce Neige in Courchevel 1850, surrounded by fir trees and from which you can directly join the slopes, has a magnificent outdoor lounge on its terrace.

Large armchairs surround a saucer hosting a fire on the terrace, imagine yourself in this setting, admiring the snow-covered landscape, the heat of the flames and the fresh air, but not yet cold: ideal!


Apartment Aspen B31 | Courchevel Moriond

Enjoy a quieter holiday atmosphere!


At this time of the year, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a quieter and less busy resort. After enjoying a beautiful day of skiing, enjoy the sun, the calme, on the edge of a track, on the terrace of a restaurant or during a walk.

Once return to your apartment, you will appreciate the beautiful luminosity offered by the large windows of the apartment Aspen B31 in Courchevel Moriond. A bright and warm decoration, highlighted by a natural light, which is particularly appreciable.

Have a soothing moment in your warm living room, meeting friends, while admiring the view!


Chalet Ancolie | Courchevel Village

Soothing holidays, just like the snow!


This year, we are happy to see the spring coming, and at this time of the year, the snow is more flexible, pleasant and easier to ski. Ideal conditions to fully enjoy the slopes, the favorable weather to relax and have fun!

Continuing on this path, have a privileged moment at the Chalet Ancolie, located in Courchevel Village, a few meters from the slopes.

This magnificent chalet of 200m² offers you a superb spa: jacuzzi and sauna are resolutely waiting for you!


Apartment Centauree | Val d'Isere

It is over being cold!


If you have planned to come on holiday with your children, they will be delighted to enjoy extremely pleasant conditions! They will be able to concentrate on learning to snowplow and enjoy their first descents in peace, and especially without getting cold!

Just like you will be able to lighten the usual underlayments and to benefit from the surrounding temperature while skiing in complete lightness!

The apartment Centaurée, in Val d'Isère, has a home cinema lounge and a bedroom dedicated to your little ones, without forgetting the adlults who will appreciate the swimming spa, with massage jets and waterfall.

Perfect to say goodbye to winter!


Chalet Genevrier | Meribel

Taking a nap behind your sunglasses!



We enjoy a wonderful sunshine, beautiful temperatures and the calm around us: it's spring!

Imagine being on a lounger of a restaurant at the edge of the track, with your sunglasses on, well installed. Enjoy the warmth on your face, let you daydream and being taken away for a little nap ... A moment that we appreciate so much, while being surrounded by the snow!

After resting, go to Chalet Genevrier, Méribel. You will fall under the charm of his living room, inhabited by a beautiful open fireplace and beautiful windows.

The perfect setting to meet friends and enjoy a glass of champagne!


Chalet Les Epilobes | Megève

Admire the changing landscapes!


Spring is also the season when the snow will begin to melt and let the grazing land take over. We can then admire the changing landscapes, the leaves that start to grow on the trees, the soils that are green, the animals emerge from their hibernation ...

This is the opportunity to attend a show of nature!

You will be able to admire these sublime landscapes since the Chalet Les Epilobes, in Megève. Its exterior in light gray and white tones has many bay windows.

You will appreciate its very spacious lounge, where everyone can meet on generous sofas, have a drink and enjoy a magnificent view.