Every body will agree color play on our mood. With the beautiful days that arrive, we have thought that a selection of chalets and apartments with colorful interior design and cheerful atmosphere will give peps to your next stays !


Living room appartement Balcons de Pralong 23A Courchevel

1. The Balcony Apartment of Pralong 23A in Courchevel !

Pure joy!

After a long day, come back to the Balcony Apartment in Pralong 23A ... And yes, how can you resist the urge to lie down on these so comfortable sofas facing the mountains?

Its bright colors will make you get up on the right foot. They awaken your eye as soon as you wake up and make you feel good to spend a good day under the sign of cheerfulness.



Living room appartement Balcons de Pralong 23A Courchevel

The rest amply deserved

After a long day, come back to the Balcony Apartment in Pralong 23A ... And yes, how can you resist of the urge of lie down on these so comfortable sofas facing the mountains ?



Bathroom appartement Jardin Alpin 10 Courchevel

2. The Jardin Alpin 10 in Courchevel !

The zen attitude

The blue color is known to bring calm and serenity in a room. The glacial blue of the Jardin Alpin 10 apartment will help you eliminate any negativity!

This apartment is the solution for all people who need to evaporate their stress and who seek a quiet place where to relax and allow the mind to calm down.


Livingroom appartement Jardin Alpin 10 Courchevel

A touch of acidity

A touch of energy is brought through its beautiful yellow seats in the dining room, as if to revive the tired souls of a long day on the slopes ! You will be peaceful on one of the soft sofas of the living room, you can enjoy a real relaxing moment. Isn't It what you've always look for your holidays ?



Living room Chalet le Kibo Courchevel

3. The Kibo chalet in Courchevel !

The green spirit

The Kibo chalet offers you a peace cocoon with view - overlooking the snowy surroundings in winter, verdant during the summer season. Green to be in harmony with the surrounding nature !


Bedroom chalet le Kibo Courchevel

The incarnated serenity


Like the blue color, this color is known for its soothing virtues, but also brings a refreshing and invigorating touch to the rooms !

Green often represents nature, but it also means luck, energy and optimism !

Dare it, it will decorate your home with strength and elegance. Nothing like this to start a dynamic day !


 Appartement Elva Megeve

4. The Elva chalet in Megeve !

Take the view

Colorful pink, yellow, blue and white, the independent apartment of the chalet Elva is a cocoon of cheerfulness in this beautiful traditional chalet !

Bright, comfortable and convivial, it is good to stay in a framework so traditional and welcoming.

Pink is synonymous with romanticism and helps to reduce anger and anxiety : perfect for a romantic break during a holiday or a special occasion like Valentine's Day.

As for the yellow, this one acts as an antidepressant. It plays on the nervous system in order to better wake up and be more focused. A small ray of sunshine in the living room!


 Appartement Elva Megeve


To stay in the tradition, the red color is the most present of the chalet. Representing contradictions, it is one of the most evocative for every person and tends to bring out many strong feelings like love or courage.

It is a powerful color that evokes passion, warmth and fire but also acts on our morale : a real blow of peps in a day ! Ideal for tired people looking for energy and thrills.


Living room Appartement Toubkal Megeve

5. The Toubkal appartement in Megeve !

The warm colors of an apartment like the Toubkal will allow you to hunt black ideas and get in a good mood all day long !

Mainly composed of wood, symbol of wisdom and duration, this apartment will clarify your mind and give a voluptuous and greedy touch to your decoration. Immediate reassuring effect !


Living room appartement Toubkal Megeve

Savoyard spirit to adopt

In this warm atmosphere, red blends perfectly with your mood of the momentv: the conviviality and the happiness of being reunited with the most dear ones to your heart !

And what's better than to bathe in a marine universe in the bathroom : the green reminds the color of the algae that bask in the rhythm of the waves of an ocean of greenery ...


Living room appartement Le Grand Paradis 33 à Val d'Isere

6. The Appartement Grand Paradis 33 in Val d'Isere

The red side brings a whole panoply of emotions : passion, love, strength, determination ... Here is an apartment with temperament !

Le Grand Paradis 33 will make you feel full of emotions during your holidays.


Living room appartement Le Grand Paradis 33 à Val d'Isere

A warm environment

And who would not want to coil in one of these cherry red armchairs while enjoying a moment of sharing with family or friends?

This apartment is ideal for a successful holiday!


7. The Appartement Grand Paradis 50 in Val d'Isere!

We had mentioned in our article 12 rooms that make you dream, the Grand Paradis 50 is an apartment resting right from the doorstep.

This is due to its beautiful pink and purple colors: a subtle blend of mystery, protection and romance.

Adopting a color full of energy like pink will give a bright and full of character to your apartment. The powdered pink is the tendency to try quickly to get this cocooning side in your interior.


Living room appartement le Grand Paradis 50 Val d'Isere

The incarnate tenderness

Combined with happiness and gentleness,  this color will make you melt with pleasure.

It comes in a multitude of sharp but also soothing shades. It is the intensity of the color that defines the atmosphere of the room. Here, the atmosphere is calm, soft, serene and friendly.


Living room appartment Aspen Lodge 11 Meribel

8. The Appartements Aspen Lodge in Meribel!

These are vibrant and lively colors that you will find in the apartments of the Aspen Lodge.

They will give you the energy to attack all your days on the right foot !


La vitalité et le calme à la fois

Vitality and calm at the same time

The apartments at Aspen Lodge inspire a real positivity !

The blend of white, green and yellow provides a feeling of serenity, balance and freshness.


Linving room chalet Haapiti Meribel

9. The chalet Haapiti in Meribel!

Chalet Haapiti is special because it brings together a symphony of positive colors.

The brown and orange tones will make you feel both stability and comfort, but also warmth and tranquility.



Fire place Chalet Haapiti Meribel

The dreaming reunion

In front of a good chimney fire, eat meals where the conviviality will be the watchword of your evenings !


Impossible to grind black with all these pretty colors ! What do you think ?