What is your best memory on the slopes?

The Saulire First Track: get started on this track which is surely the most beautiful of the 3 Valleys, without any trace, in absolute silence, and without anyone? I think we are touching perfection... This is carving paradise! These few runs are without a doubt my best memory on the slopes


What is your favorite place for skiing?

It is true that I spend most of my time on the slalom stadiums, but apart from my training sessions, my favorite track remains the valley of Mont Vallon. This red run is exceptionally long, the quality of the snow is often excellent due to its orientation ... enough to carve beautiful curves on a steady 3km slope!


Do you have a restaurant to recommend to us for a snack break?

La Soucoupe. I love the mesmerizing smells of meat that emanate from the restaurant at the top of the stadium where I train. For me, this is the best meat restaurant in the 3 Valleys!


A place where you like to relax?

Between my trips and my training, I like to decompress while dancing on the tables of Folie Meribel/Courchevel. I also take great pleasure in enjoying the last rays of the sun at the top of the slopes, the last descent under these colors is intoxicating. Otherwise, I like to go relax at the Aquamotion spa after a day of training or skiing.


What do you love to do in Courchevel?

I like to train in Courchevel. The slalom stadium is a renowned, prepared, world cup track with all the slope profiles necessary for training. Besides, I would like to thank Meribel/Courchevel for their investment in ski racing and I look forward to the 2023 World Championships!


What are your goals in 2020?

My goals at the end of the season are to continue to make me happy, to produce my best ski on future milestones and, of course, to be efficient. Like all top athletes, I hope to be able to win one or more medals from the following races: the Junior World Championships (in Norway) and the French Championships (in Val Thorens).


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