Room Chalet Écume des Neiges in Meribel

Chalet Écume des Neiges – Meribel

You put yourself at ease, you slowly reduce the intensity of the lights, devour a good book by drinking herbal tea and sleep comes alone in the wonderful rooms of this chalet. It is so pleasant to be awakened by the light of the sun rising in the morning!


Room Chalet Tyrosolios Meribel

Chalet Tyrosolios – Meribel

In addition to its cozy rooms, this chalet has a real tackle regarding relaxation: sauna, hammam, massage chair, massage room, games room, cinema ... It is difficult to get out unsatisfied!


Room Chalet Abreuvoir Meribel

Chalet Abreuvoir – Meribel

This rustic chalet makes families crack! Enjoying delicious Viennese pastries and warm bread in the morning after a deep sleep will never have been so pleasant.


Room Chalet Lyotre Megeve

Chalet Lyotre - Megeve

How not to throw yourself on the bed of the chalet Lyotre? It is so comfortable ... Even the colors of the room make us in a good mood, so imagine waking up! If you are not in the morning, it may change very quickly!


Room Chalet M&B Megeve

Chalets MB – Megeve

The rooms of the M & B chalets are so cozy that you would spend the day there! Under the duvet, in front of a good movie ... and with a breathtaking panorama: the dream image!


Bedroom Chalet Mouka Megeve

Chalet Mouka – Megeve

The designer of this new chalet did not do things by halves: everything is done in order to relax, to empty his head, to reconnect with nature while being in a modern environment.


Bedroom Chalet White Dream Courchevel

Chalet White Dream – Courchevel (1850)

What could be better than falling asleep and waking up to the snow-capped mountains? This chalet offers absolutely breathtaking views! Tip: breakfast in bed by planning your day's program


Bedroom Chalet Queen Mijane Meribel

Chalet Queen Mijane – Meribel

Take the height at Queen Mijane Chalet, it's closer to the stars than you can easily find sleep! These superb openings will let you enjoy the show until you fall into the arms of Morpheus ...


Bedroom Appartement Carré Blanc 242 Courchevel

Appartement Carré Blanc 242 - Courchevel (1550)

You will find champagne, fresh flowers and slippers offered in the apartment of this incredible residence. That said, it is just as comfortable to walk barefoot in this room!


Bedroom Chalet Grande Roche Courchevel

Chalet Grande Roche - Courchevel (1850)

It is very easy to relax at the chalet Grande Roche! Stay comfortably in the softness of your sheets, chefs and waiters are at your disposal for the preparation and service of your breakfast!


Bedroom Appartement Jardin Alpin 245 Val d'Isere

Appartement Jardin Alpin 245 - Val d'Isere

"Home Sweet Home", even the cushions say it! This chalet and its rooms are so gentle that it is difficult to resist the urge to slump on the beds during the visit!


Bedroom Appartement Grand Paradis 50 Val d'Isere

Appartement Grand Paradis 50 - Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere contains sublime apartments where magnificent rooms like the one of this apartment have been designed! Imagine going back to sleep in one of these rooms after a long day of skiing or an outing with friends in the center!


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