Large family reunion or smaller committee?

Are you organizing a family gathering? Then you have a big responsibility on your shoulders. You know that you will have to think of a lot of details, that you will have to foresee everything. And especially that you will have to ask the right questions.

The first ones? What is the nature of this event and, consequently, how large of a family gathering are you planning to organize?

Is it a large family gathering or a more intimate circle of relatives for a special event such as a birthday or anniversary? 

Why such a question? The number of guests to consider for the planning, of course, as well as what guests can expect from the event based on its nature. Which is why it is important to mention these detailsthe nature of the event and number of people expectedin your invitation... Just so that things are clear.


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Dream family holiday

  • Book the ski passes
  • Book the children’s ski school
  • Reread your insurance policy
  • ...

checklist famille


Family gathering in a chalet: setting high expectations

Announcing a family gathering in a ski chalet can generate important expectations, which will put pressure on the organizer of this event.

The sociologist Christine Castelain-Meunier explained to in 2016 that a family gathering is "an oasis that parallels the instability of society and the fragility of professional, social and marital ties."

Suffice to say that everything will have to be done so that the family and marital ties are strengthened by your meeting. Not easy when you know that 55% of couples separations are triggered during holidays!

Another psychological issue of your family reunion: to ensure that members of the same generation forge bonds that will cement the family.

"Looking for links in the same generation is also a guarantee of having longer lasting links: the only people who will be the continuous thread of your life until you are old will be your brothers and sisters and cousins," explains Sébastien Dupont, doctor in psychology, specialist of the contemporary family.


Chalet and large family gathering

Your next most evident and important question for the organizer will be: how to host all this small world?

Which chalet to choose: for 8, 10,12 or more? How many children per room? How are things going to get organized?

On the website, you can perform all the research you want to prepare the distribution of rooms by browsing the site and using the search engine to find available accommodation. Each property page provides detailed floor layouts, the number of bedrooms, the types and sizes of beds and whether they are ensuite (with adjacent bathroom) or not.

Do not neglect the importance of space, especially when on a ski holiday where vacationers often come with a lot of equipment or rent it for the week. Is there a ski locker? Is there enough storage space?

Once you have found your ideal accommodation, you must next think about the activities. Ensure that everyone will leave with good memories.

It is important not to overload the program. Certainly, children and teenagers will want to do everything. In resorts like Courchevel, Meribel, Val d'Isere or Megeve, there are so many options to have fun and they will not know where to turn. However, rest and family time around the chimney will are important to recover and provide children and all family members time to together, and strengthen bonds.


Rentals for 8, 10, 12+ guests at the moutain: what about safety?

An important matter to look over is security. Remember that you will be in the mountains and everyone will want to add to match orsurpass the exploits of the others. Beware of getting carried away with excitement and overbidding.

Make sure that everyone has verified their insurance, their assistance contracts and arrives with the necessary documents to deal with any situation.

And of course, you will not feel reassured unless you have confirmation that everyone has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that their journey back and forth on the road go smoothly.


A small hand book for a successful family reunion

In the end, we can not advise you to send to all members of this family celebration a small practical vademecum, so that each couple and each family arrives having not forgotten anything and being perfectly prepared.

How? Download the checklist above.

Read it, it will help you in covering all the details for your event planning.

And share it with the other participants, indicating to them in the check list which points concern them and those which you will take care of.

You simply have to check off your completes items on the list until they are all checked, which would mean that you are all set for an unforgettable holiday. 

And do not forget: Cimalpes offers a concierge service for all questions that are not yet settled. Take advantage of it.

You will feel really supported after reading these few pages. Download this document conceive to help you.