Home staging apartment 4B Courchevel Moriond

You said Home Staging?


Home staging is a concept born in the United States in the 1970s and used in France for a few years. The aim is to promote a property by reimagining the decoration and configuration of spaces.

This technique is used by the best real estate agencies to allow you to project more easily into a property that needs a little refreshment.



Home staging apartment Ciel d'Arbois Megeve

Rethink the space


In the old version, the kitchen of the Ciel d'Arbois apartment was actually a bedroom! It is hard to believe when we look at this beautiful functional kitchen offering a breathtaking panorama of the mountains.

That was previously a kitchenette is now a beautiful space, well organized, functional and really pleasant, which allows us to destress without even realizing! The judicious choice of material such as wood for the kitchen furniture, a central island in gray granite and ceiling spotlights provide a beautiful light.

We find a modern and warm atmosphere to this functional kitchen in which you will concoct small dishes for your family is a real pleasure, in an exceptional setting.


Home staging apartment Ciel d'Arbois Megeve

A bathroom in tune with the times

Have a look at the picture on the left, you easily guess a bathroom of the 70s, with the use of small tiles with colorful patterns, a white sink and a mirror of time also.

To review this bathroom of the apartment of Ciel d'Arbois, we did not need to embark on major projects, home staging is also rethinking its decoration by selecting more modern materials and tones. Today, it is more likely to use large and sober tiles. That is why we have chosen a gray unicolored tile, which easily remember us of the stone of the mountain.

Of course, we do not forget to bring a touch of wood, which frames the mirror and the furniture that supports the basin. This bathroom is now really trendy and we feel immediately good!


Home staging apartment 4B Courchevel Moriond

A living room that comes back to life!


The Apartment RE004B in Courchevel Moriond has also gone through the home staging stage. Before being refreshed, we can see that the decoration dates back to the 70s as well. The wood in vertical slats that covers the walls and the ceiling, and the dominant brown color of the wood is the same for the furniture, creating a monotone atmosphere.

So we decided to bring freshness by using light gray for the furniture, while keeping the wood, but with more modern color and a snow-white paint, just like the wood on the walls.

The entire room is then brighter and warmer. You will immediately feel a cocooning atmosphere and the desire to snuggle into the comfortable lounge area!


Home staging appartement 4b Courchevel Moriond

A wonderful view from your bedroom!


For this bedroom of the apartment RE004B, we wanted to set the view of the mountains in value and a warmer atmosphere. Home staging is also a meticulous selection, chic and trendy for the decoration and the colors!

The predominant use of white wood, which marries perfectly with the iridescent gray of the plaids and the cushions, brings a very cozy atmosphere, it is perfect for a bedroom! We have also chosen a lighter and more neutral floor, which gives volume to the room and provides a perfect atmosphere to relax.

A chic decoration is a refined decoration: do not overload the rooms and especially make a precise choice of decoration, more refine, you will fully appreciate it!