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Save time and quality dishes

Holidays allow you to relax, to take a break, to enjoy yourself, to enjoy your family and friends. This time is therefore very precious when staying in the mountains. After a beautiful and exhausting day of skiing, it is sometimes difficult to put your hands in the stove to make a good hot meal or to leave your cosy chalet/apartment... But who doesn't want to eat one of the best tartiflettes in the department without having to spend the slightest minute in the kitchen?

If you don't want to cook or travel, the easiest and most efficient way is Huski: an online service for delivering meals in the mountains. Huski is an online shop offering a wide range of dishes, drinks and services. They will deliver your meals directly to your chalet or apartment. They will offer you many high quality dishes that will validate your expectations in terms of food in the resort.


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A choice as wide as in the restaurant

In addition to offering a wide choice of hot dishes (tartiflette, beef bourguignon, lasagne, tajine, duck confit, moussaka, soups...). Huski offers you the possibility to choose according to:

  • your food needs: vegetarian, gluten-free, milk-free, vegan, low-calorie....
  • cooking: French, English, Italian, Indian, English or continental breakfast...
  • the service: a main course, a starter + a main course, a main course + a dessert, a menu.
  • portions: up to 12 people.
  • other requirements: microwaveable, oven, locally manufactured, etc.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, you can order whenever you want, for a day or several days.


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A passionate chef since childhood

Nick Casey is the chef. He grew up in the restaurant business. Surrounded by food, Nick says his first words were "sautéed, julienned and gourmet". After this early immersion in the world of gastronomy, Nick Casey set sail to discover a new world. Sailing and cooking on yachts have been a huge source of inspiration for him.

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from distant Asian ports to Zanzibar, he was able to taste many local organic products, traditional dishes and all kinds of unusual ingredients. Having become passionate about cooking, he decided to exchange life on the high seas for a life in the French Alps to share his experience.


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Local ingredients

As far as possible, the ingredients used by Huski are mainly local. Animal welfare is also extremely important to Nick Casey. This is why the meat is supplied by the most reputable breeders.

Huski is demanding in terms of product quality to ensure customer satisfaction. They surveyed local markets, got to know the producers and farmers of the region to understand their stories and take ownership of the culture of their products. They want to know where all their products come from.


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A choice of menu adapted to the mountain

Huski is looking for a maximum of flavours and recipes adapted to the most varied tastes and dietary requirements. The chef makes it a point of honour to ensure that his cuisine is as authentic as possible.

To make this possible, Huski worked closely with traditional French chiefs to, for example, concoct the perfect tartiflette and make it true to the Savoyard food tradition. According to Nick Casey, they created the best tartiflette in the region, and his vegetarian sister the "Courgettiflette" was extremely well received.

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