How long have you been in the business?

Paul Pires: I have been practicing this profession since I was 16 years old.


When did you want to become a cook?

Paul Pires: I wanted to buy myself a motorbike when I was 14 years old and, to pay for it, I started as a diver at the Allodis hotel in Meribel during the school holidays, it was my first experience in the kitchen. The team spirit and the manual side immediately attracted me.


How would you define your cooking?

Paul Pires: A simple and efficient cuisine, with quality products and frank tastes. I am moving more and more towards a light and healthy cuisine which is very much in demand by our customers.


Your most beautiful gastronomic meeting to date?

Paul Pires: All the chefs I have worked with to date, including Mr Jacob, my apprentice chef; the pastry chef Thierry Game; the chefs of the palaces where I have had the chance to work; Mr Rochedy and Mr Buron at the Chabichou; Mr Nicolas Sale at the K2 palace; Mr Desbordes at the Bristol palace in Paris; the chefs I have known abroad, as well as all my colleagues on a daily basis who bring a lot to the table because it is a job where there is a lot of exchange.


After having cooked in many countries, why did you choose to come back to Courchevel?

Paul Pires: The call of the mountain. I've had the chance to travel to unique places and establishments around the world, but I've always loved coming back to Courchevel because my heart is here. Courchevel is a ski resort where my family has a history and has been anchored for generations. It is a beautiful and unique place and setting where the quality of life is incredible. We have exceptional working conditions, where we meet people coming from all over the world... It's a very enriching experience. If the whole world comes to us, it's because something interesting is happening.


Do you have an anecdote / a particular memory to share with our Internet users?

Paul Pires: I have a rather funny anecdote... The fire alarm at the chalet going off during a New Year's Eve dinner with clients I've had for several years. We ended up laughing and having a great time!


What products do you like to work with?

Paul Pires: Without any hesitation, with the garden products that my grandparents grow in the family garden in Courchevel, a stone's throw from the house. We try to work as much as possible with local suppliers, with organic or farm products. In my opinion, the simplest dishes are the best: a good salad from the garden with home-made olive oil, and that's it!


Your favorite chefs?

Paul Pires: The chef who has inspired me the most is Monsieur Jacob, my apprentice chef, with whom I started cooking and who really made me want to do this job.


Your favorite type of cuisine?

Paul Pires: Grandma's cooking, simmered dishes, very simple and instinctive dishes with good products. I have a soft spot for Asian cuisine that is rich in flavor and light. In my opinion, a good meal is above all a meal shared with people you love and especially with smiles.


Any last words?

Paul Pires: Don't hesitate to come to our beautiful sports resort open to everyone. My teams and myself will welcome you around a beautiful table to have a good time. To finish, a culinary phrase by Paul Bocuse that I love: "classic or modern, there is only one cuisine, the right one".