Cimalpes has the privilege of managing the exclusivity of 5 ultra-cozy apartments with the look of a chalet, with a surface of 120 sq.m minimum in this residence of Val d'Isere. These apartments are sublimated by the bright colors, the decoration and the furnishings, the materials used and the design luminaries. Designed to maximize the size of the living room with large openings, they make the most of the panorama on Solaise that you can admire on the balconies composed of old woods with black curved rails.


A residence that does not look like it

Innovative and built with respect for tradition, the La Canadienne residence was built in 2017 in Val d'Isere.

In keeping with what Val d'Isere has to offer, the La Canadienne residence is located in the ultra-residential area of Petit Alaska.


Residence | La Canadienne | Val d'Isere
Photograph : Laurent Debas

A unique architecture

Its architecture is traditional and avant-garde. La Canadienne is inspired both by the chalets and traditional residences of the village. This makes La Canadienne one of the most beautiful works of Val d'Isere.

The rounded angle of the bay window, without any dye, sublimated by the use of contemporary materials (door frames, metallic inlays and copper), gives it unheard-of and unequaled charm.


Appartement | La Canadienne | Val d'Isère

To each his own style

The Canadienne 2

Fur and wood are the appointment in the apartment La Canadienne 2! You will believe in a mountain chalet while being located a few steps from everything: center, ski lifts and amenities.

Everything is in a luxurious, modern and friendly style. Discussions, laughter and confidences will be welcomed in this warm atmosphere!



Appartement | La Canadienne | Val d'Isere

The Canadienne 3

A legacy of alpine construction, La Canadienne 3 is no exception to the rule. Wood, fur and chimney are found in these interiors where breathe luxury and softness.

Everyone will find their happiness and will meet during the meals in the dinning space. Entrenched seats covered with white faux fur will bring you coziness to be properly installed during your meals!



Appartement | La Canadienne | Val d'Isere

The Canadienne 6 - Appartement Castor

In the La Canadienne 6 apartment, a spirit blends Savoyard traditions and ultra modern: old wood serves as cladding in the rooms while the glass invites you to your table during your meals.

Indeed, the space dedicated to your pleasure gustative takes place in the sublime glass without complexion! You will be able to taste dishes while watching the slopes of Espace Killy!



Appartement | La Canadienne | Val d'Isere

La Canadienne 8

The La Canadienne 8 apartment shares the top floor of the residence with apartment # 9.

You will be able to discover on both levels of this flat a living room with chimney to warm you during the long evenings of winter as well as sublime pieces under the visible beams of the frame! An idyllic setting for a dream holiday!



Appartement | La Canadienne | Val d'Isere

La Canadienne 9 - Appartement Caribou

Like Apartment No. 8, the Caribou apartment (La Canadienne 9) occupies two levels on the top floors of the residence. This is how you will find the living areas on the lower level while the bedrooms are upstairs, under the roofs!

The seal made by the wood is reflected in the old leather sofas and the school-style chairs in the dining area. It reigns a good-child atmosphere in this superb apartment to discover also in video!

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Unique apartments

Designed to the smallest detail, the intelligent layout and design make you feel at home with hotel amenities such as reading lights, USB ports, en suite rooms, and so on. your stay in Val d'Isere!

The rooms spaces are cleverly separated by the open kitchen with bar, hallway and guest toilet.