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One of the most authentic chalet in Meribel

Alpine Design 

on 15 August 2019

Chalet Fontany, an exceptional property in Méribel full of history. Discover this beautiful chalet, its location, its views, its high-end equipment and its beautiful exposed structure.

Chalet Fontany is a rare property in Meribel. It enjoys an ideal location, just a few steps from the slopes and offers beautiful volumes and heights under ceiling. Between modernity and tradition, quality materials have been carefully chosen for the reconstruction of this chalet to produce a cozy and comfortable universe, ideal for hosting holidays with friends or family.

Every Chalet has its history

Chalet Fontany is one of the most authentic chalets in Meribel Village.

Chalet Fontany was built a few decades ago, as it no longer met the high-end and comfort standards, as a result, it was totally destroyed and rebuilt respecting the borrowed ground and architecture of origin.

Wood from the original chalet has been reused for reconstruction. The exterior appearance has been kept identical while adding a contemporary dimension to the entire chalet.

The choice of the owners and the architect, therefore, wished to revive the special soul of this chalet, which has existed for decades in Méribel Village, a symbol of ancient mountain dwellings.

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Noble Materials kept

The furniture has been exclusively designed for this chalet and built by carpenters with, for some furniture, the old wood or a wood similar to this one. The English owners decided to bring a discreet English touch by importing several pieces from the United Kingdom.

The living space is on the top floor, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful volume open frame and admire the cathedral frame embellished by the light through.

We find on this floor the dining area, the kitchen and the living room, all enhanced by a beautiful open central fireplace that we greatly appreciate in winter both for its soothing light and the heat it gives off.

This floor rhymes with conviviality, composed of several spaces where everyone shares moments together.

A cosy space

On the same floor, opposite the dining area, you will find the living room, while enjoying the same light and the same openings as the other side.

Indeed, this floor under framework and beams through offers an exceptional natural light thanks to its large openings on both sides. This room offers generous volumes and a cathedral lounge with exceptional framing.

You will enjoy a magnificent view of the snowy peaks of Meribel, including the Dent de Burgin. In this warm space, you will appreciate a large sofa, and some armchairs dressed in gray furs constituting a small TV lounge, at the corner of the fireplace.

This space is perfect for cozy family evenings during the mild winter evenings.

A New Room

In the renovation project was planned the creation of a new room, in the basement, under the existing terrace. There are a dormitory room and a TV lounge with sofas of different colors, a multicolored carpet, a young and energetic atmosphere.

The forest occupies an important place in the Fontany Chalet theme. The owners wanted to use this room to put the forest in the spotlight by installing a forest backlit snow. We then have the impression of looking out the window and having the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful landscape.

Although located in the basement, this room has a beautiful light, a warm side and gives us the impression of having a view of the surrounding nature.

Children Paradise

In the rooms, wood and stone mix, especially in this dorm room, that your children and teenagers will love! It is perfect for family reunions such as cousins meeting! Two double beds with two bunk beds above, the ideal layout to allow your teenagers to build unforgettable memories.

Simply decorated, this room is decorated with wood and stone that blend perfectly. It exudes a very cozy atmosphere while having a pronounced character.

All in all, Chalet Fontany is comfortable and cozy and allows you to easily accommodate your family or friends. It represents a paradise for children who will love the dormitory spirit of the rooms and the games room where they can let their imagination speak.

Relaxing as a keyword

During your vacation, it is important to give yourself time to relax and take care of yourself. To do so, Chalet Fontany offers quality services.

You will appreciate the sauna and the balnéo bath which are in the same room, calm and soothing, in the soft light to immerse yourself in the most serene of the setting.

For optimal relaxation, also enjoy the outdoor hot tub located on one of the terraces of the cottage and enjoy the exceptional landscape offered to you.

After a great day of skiing or outdoor activities, there is nothing better than spending time to relax and enjoy the invigorating mountain air.

Bedrooms extremely comfortable

The chalet Fontany has 6 rooms, each with a name out of a forest animal, which is the main theme of the chalet. This feature allows plunging the guests into the mountain world and its surrounding nature.

Rooms are fitted with quality bedding and linens designed by Arpin. The mountain wool, the curtains, and the headboards bring an even warmer side.

Enjoy these spacious and comfortable rooms in which you can not wait to snuggle at night. The refined decorated bedrooms offer a generous volume highlighted by the natural light that penetrates through the large windows.

All the conditions are there to guarantee you soothing nights.


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