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Mountains in summer: disconnection, well-being and strong sensations in an authentic universe!

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on 26 July 2021

Spending a summer holiday in the mountains is first and foremost a way of disconnecting yourself from your usual environment. The breathtaking landscapes, the purity of the air, the silence of the villages and the freedom of the wide open spaces are enough to immerse you in an authentic and exotic universe. Discover all the ways to enjoy a summer holiday in the mountains! 

Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, a family or a group of friends, the mountains offer the right experience for you.

Decide what you want to do and enjoy what the mountains have to offer in summer:

  • Rest and disconnect
  • Well-being stay to relax your body and mind
  • Adrenalin-pumping activities
  • Authentic experiences to discover local traditions

There will always be an activity to suit your mood of the day.

Photograph: Méribel Tourism
Photo : Saint-Martin-de Belleville Tourism

Rest and disconnection in the mountains

This is the image that you see on every brochure and that makes you want to go to the mountains in summer. Hikers, on a nice path on the side of the mountain, marvelling at the landscapes and the still snow-covered peaks that surround them.

In Megève, Val d'Isère or in the other resorts, it is an activity that is conducive to disconnecting and daydreaming, hiking is also a moment of sharing.

Whether you are a sports hiker or a family hiker, a walk in the mountains is punctuated by breaks: photos, picnics, observation of the landscape. It is during these shared moments that we accumulate the most beautiful memories, the most beautiful images of a successful stay in the mountains in summer.

But if for some, walking and discovering is a source of rest and disconnection, others prefer to walk the sunny golf courses of the region, such as the 18-hole course in Tignes, which is a treat for the eyes.

Or they can meet on a tennis court to enjoy the high altitude sun, as in Val d'Isère, and the beautiful landscapes while relaxing by practicing their favorite sport.

Young and old alike love to discover the forests and pastures in peace and quiet during a horseback ride.  Whether in Saint Martin de Belleville, Alpe d'Huez, or Meribel, accompanied by a guide, you are at one with nature and move forward at the rhythm of your horse, letting yourself be lulled by the regular sound of your mount's hooves. 

Shhh ! Little secret, the little ones dream of riding a pony, and at Coeur Equestre in Meribel it is possible!

Everyone finds their own rhythm in the mountains in summer: let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking views, by the feeling of space and freedom.

Close your eyes, and disconnect...

Discover our properties to spend a relaxing stay


As soon as you arrive at your summer holiday destination in the mountains, you feel the need to get rid of the stress accumulated over the last few months.

Forget, change of scenery, think of yourself, your body and your mind.Walks in the forest, contemplating the peaks, swimming in the lakes naturally help you to disconnect.

But there are other activities that help you to reconnect with your body and mind. How about a good massage session after a walk in nature?

Photograph: Courchevel Tourism

Especially when it is provided in a refined spa with relaxing aquatic spaces whose windows allow you to continue enjoying the mountain scenery? Come and enjoy a great fitness session at the Aquamotion in Courchevel!

After strengthening your body in a wellness centre, you may want to regain control of your body and your breathing...

You may already practise yoga, but imagine the feeling of fulfilment and connection with the universe that you would feel if your session took place outdoors, with the sky as your only roof. In Val d'Isère or Meribel.

That's it, the mountains in summer work their magic. You feel the well-being invade you.



Adrenalin-pumping activities

Are you one of those people who think that in the mountains in summer you will just sleep, listen to the silence of nature, and walk, walk, walk.... Think again!

For thrill-seekers, there's plenty to choose from - land, air or water - all the elements are waiting to take you on unforgettable adventures.

Take two-wheelers for example! Maybe you love to relive the great epics of the Tour de France. So don't miss the climb up Alpe d'Huez, or the brand new Col de la Loze trail in Meribel!

But if you are a little less "asphalt" and a little more "trail" then mountain biking finds its privileged playground here.

Photograph: tignes Tourism

Enjoy long rides through beautiful countryside with the help of an electrically assisted bike, for example in Megève or Courchevel.

Or go for it on the downhill mountain bike trails! Helmet and protection are compulsory for this sport which combines skill, strength, anticipation and speed! Tignes is your paradise!

In the mountains in summer, there are also very specific activities that are unique to this high-altitude world! Climbing, via ferrata, mountaineering, discovering the world from above. Specialised guides will take you to discover this world where the key words are adventure, exploit, endurance, emptiness... Discover the outings proposed by the Guide Offices of Val d'Isère, Saint Martin de Belleville or Alpe d'Huez.

Air.... Let's talk about it! Do you like strong sensations? Take off! Paragliding is the activity to discover in the mountains in summer. Seeing villages, forests, fields and pastures as eagles or jackdaws do is an unforgettable experience. In Megève, the view of Mont Blanc from up there is breathtaking.

But you can also take off to discover the high peaks by helicopter or plane. Don't forget your camera. It's magical up there.

We said earth, air and... water! Do you know canyoning? This discipline that makes you walk, float, jump and even abseil down waterfalls? Aventure Sensation will guide you if you are near Saint Martin de Belleville. Fun, laughter, thrills. Pure adrenalin!

Finally, for those who have not decided whether they prefer to be on the ground or in the air, there are the cables and other suspended supports of the accrobranche courses! In Saint Martin de Belleville or in Val d'Isère, beautiful courses await you. Budding balance artists and forest adventurers, this is your playground.

In any case, the mountains in summer offer days of laughter and fun, especially in the big fun parks like Courchevel.

Adventurers for a day, adventurers always! In summer, in the mountains, every evening you return home having accomplished a new micro-adventure, to be relived in your photos, in your memories and to be shared with your loved ones, for many years to come.


Authentic experiences to discover local traditions

Beyond the sport, the adventure, the disconnection and the preserved environment, why go to the mountains in summer? Because the mountains are a world apart.

The mountains offer an authentic universe rich in history and tradition. Living at altitude is not easy, and the women and men of these regions have adapted to it. This authenticity and difference are the richness of the mountain territories.

And during your stay, don't miss the opportunity to discover this art of living through the heritage, history and traditions of the mountains.

Discover the characteristics of the villages and the traditional habitat! Discover the life of the mountain farms and the production of milk.

Photo : Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Tourism

Taste traditional cuisine in one of the many family-run or Michelin-starred restaurants in your area. Understand the nature around you by discovering the wild fauna and flora of the Alps.

You can also try your hand at local crafts, such as woodcarving, which kept families busy during the long winter months before the rise of skiing. Traditional villages such as Saint Martin de Belleville or Megève offer many ways to discover the authenticity of the mountains in summer. Your summer holiday in the mountains is an opportunity to discover this art of living, this know-how and these traditions that have been with us since the dawn of time.



Photo : Megève Tourism

Do you want to do everything at once?

The mountain in summer reveals itself to you little by little. Your desires take shape day by day, according to your experiences and your mood.

You don't know yet if you want a relaxing or an adventurous holiday?

The advantage of the mountains in summer is that you don't have to choose. Most resorts offer all types of activities.

Take Megève for example. A village resort nestled in a green valley. One of the most authentic villages in the French Alps. Of course you will stroll through the narrow streets of the old village with its beautiful shops, but also through the neighbourhoods of chalets of varying ages. You can visit craft workshops and discover farm work by tasting their fresh products.

But that's not all! In its ice rink, which is open all year round, you can enjoy the pleasures of the ice, and its tennis courts and golf course allow you to enjoy the sunny landscape while playing your favourite sport.

The aquatic area of Le Palais welcomes you for moments of relaxation, swimming or fun on the Pentagliss!

But the slopes of the mountains surrounding the village, which are mostly accessible by ski lifts, invite you to go mountain biking or to discover the landscapes by hiking.

Finally, take to the skies of Megeve and enjoy the breathtaking view of the nearby Mont Blanc, by paraglider, helicopter or even by plane!

In Megève, in summer, there is something for everyone. But that was just one example among many.

In Courchevel, Val d'Isère, Méribel, Saint Martin de Belleville, Tignes or l'Alpe d'Huez, you can choose between a multitude of activities and new experiences every day. In each of these resorts, there is always a relaxation area, a water area, ideas for walking, mountain biking or horse riding and paragliding lessons! There are also activities, challenges, sports tournaments and sessions to discover the resort.

So that your holiday is a success, and above all that it is just like you!



Are you ready and motivated for your summer mountain holidays?

Enjoy a blueberry pie in front of a beautiful landscape, stroke a cow in an alpine farm, relax in a whirlpool bath in a fragrant spa with a view of the mountains, or ride down the slopes on a mountain bike or simply enjoy a walk in the forest...

Close your eyes, breathe, you're almost there...

All you have to do now is choose your destination and accommodation, and let the adventure begin!


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Mountains in summer: disconnection, well-being and strong sensations in an authentic universe!

Family  Entertainment  Well-being 

on 26 July 2021

Spending a summer holiday in the mountains is first and foremost a way of disconnecting yourself from your usual environment. The breathtaking landscapes, the purity of the air, the silence of the villages and the freedom of the wide open spaces are enough to immerse you in an authentic and exotic universe. Discover all the ways to enjoy a summer holiday in the mountains! 

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