Even if everyone does not celebrate Valentine's Day, a successful romantic evening is always fun!

A bouquet of flowers, a dinner alone ... one is never against a nice little attention!

This year, we do in the original and why make Valentine's Day a day when we can make it last a week?

7 days, 7 ideas for an original Valentine's Day!


1. The romantic setting

And yes, Valentine's Day is held in winter, so we look for cosy nests to huddle without counting the hours while hoping that time stops! Take advantage of a romantic setting, such as the mountains, in a cosy house like a chalet or apartment with a beautiful view of the snow-covered panoramas, and cocooned by the fireplace. Here we discover the view from the sumptuous Chalet Blackbird in Megeve.


2. The Chef at Home

Do not worry about who gets to cook or which restaurant to choose, just put your feet under the table and enjoy your favorite dishes or discover new ones. You can also start the day off right by eating breakfast in the morning, your chef takes care of everything.


3. Unusual activities

In Courchevel, Megève or Méribel, make a remake of the film "up side" in the morning at sunrise. What could be more romantic than taking the height and finding yourself alone, with a superb view, in harmony with nature? A pure romantic getaway!


Get away with the unique experience of dog sled tours! You will enjoy an unforgettable stroll in couple and you will attach to courageous and voluntary dogs who will astonish you by their skill to drive a team!


4. Relaxation and well-being areas

Why not offer you both a moment of relaxation and well-being in the incredible Aquamotion spas in Courchevel, the Palais des Sports in Megeve and the Aquasportive Center in Val d'Isère?


In Courchevel, whether it's Valentine's Day or a wedding (or both) you can surprise your partner with extraordinary scenarios in the mountains: skating rink, dinner by cable car, plane, under a tepee , Under the snow, in a yurt, in the cinema, in an igloo, with a choir ... Emotions guaranteed!


Chalet Maria - Courchevel

6. Movie Night in your Chalet

Nothing like the end of Valentine's Day! That said, the choice of seats and room is equally important, so we advise you to read our article on chalets with movie theater!


7. The festivals

Among the good ideas for a successful Valentine's Day, do not forget the fireworks, the festive atmosphere, the music that transport you to another universe for an evening with your companion.

If you are interested in these ideas, do not hesitate to take advantage of our unbeatable offers!