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Discover numerous activities in Megeve!

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on 17 October 2019

Megève is a resort known for its ski area but not only! Enjoy the return of the sunny days, discover and try numerous outdoor activities with family, friends or solo!

The snow is beautiful and the slopes are very tempting! And we will not complain about it. But you can also enjoy activities other than skiing in the mountains. Discover a selection of activities to do in Megève in this early spring, even if the snow is still present, that only prolongs the charm of the landscapes covered with a white coat!

Parapente | Megève Megeve Tourist Office

A real breath of fresh air!

Have you ever wondered what the slopes and the village of Megève looked like from the air? If so, how about seeing it with your own eyes? The Aventure Parapente Megève offers first flight paragliding air, accompanied by a monitor. Your children are dying to try? We know it, at this age, nothing is scary! If they are more than 7 years old, they will be able to try the experiment! Imagine returning from your holidays and seeing your children sharing the sensations you experienced together during this adventure! What better as holiday memories?

You have the possibility to book a first flight in paragliding until April 15. In addition, you will have the chance to admire the still snowy landscapes this season, with milder temperatures.

Apérigloo | Megève

An exceptional Aperitif!

After a good day of skiing, we often want to indulge ourselves with a little drink to reward us for our efforts.

How about taking this aperitif in an igloo? Unusual is not it?

With the accompanying of a guide, go snowshoeing, you will enjoy the landscapes in a unique way, taking the time to enjoy the magnificent views, still snowy at that time. On arrival, you will have the pleasure of enjoying an aperitif with an assortment of local products inside an igloo. Magical as a finish line, isn't it? A moment to share with your family or friends until April 15th! You will appreciate this original moment, will leave with beautiful memories and a nice anecdote to tell when you return!

Parachute | Megève Parachutisme 74

Ready to take the plunge?

If paragliding does not provide you enough adrenaline, it is the parachute jump that suits you best!

You will take a 15-minute helicopter ride, during which you will take the time to admire the landscapes and Mont Blanc from a unique and exceptional point of view, if you can keep your eyes open, of course!

Once the helicopter has arrived at a good altitude, it will be time for you to make the leap! Have you ever wanted to know the feeling of flying, of throwing yourself into the void and feeling free like the air? Here is an opportunity for you to take and to live a sensational experience! Your instructor will then trigger the sail, and you will go back in the air, from free fall to gently glide in the air. If you feel like it, you will be able to take control of the sailing, direct yourself, and experience even stronger sensations!

Goûter M de Megève | Lifestyle Hotel M de Megeve

Having sweet treats for snack!

Who does not remember his childhood snacks? Live that emotion again and enjoy the pleasure of your moments of gourmet meal of yesteryear in company of your children, with the M of Megève.

An authentic Savoyard chalet transformed into a 5 * hotel and spa, whose reputation of its restaurants is well established.

In the recently renovated establishment, the Bar du M considers since its reopening, that the snack is a very fun moment to share with your children, friends or families.

Homemade pastries are at your disposal every day, an opportunity to share a gourmet and warm moment together!

Paintball | Megève Paintball Experience Megève

Try out paintball!

Our forests are peaceful and beautiful places that symbolize our mountains. However, sometimes they are full of hidden activities!

Compose your team, and get your adrenaline pumping for a game!

Discover a very nice activity to enjoy with friends and family. It is also the occasion to share a unique moment and to wonderful memories!

What you need ? Be camouflaged, have an indestructible team spirit, trust your partners, protect them, be careful not to fall into the traps of the opposing team, as if it was war, cohesion is mandatory, risking to get out full of colours!

If you love adventure and adrenaline, do not hesitate to book a session and come try the experience in our mountains!


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