Parkings in Courchevel and Meribel: forget your car ...

Ah! Living in your car! Sleeping in a garage. Wake up in the morning with the smell of engine oil, get out of your sleeping bag to enjoy an outside temperature of 2°C ... Warm up the engine, go put some coins in the parking meter...

You do not want that? Are you dreaming of a stress-free ski holiday with your family?

So read on!

95% of people who find themselves with parking problems in Courchevel or Meribel in the winter simply did not deal with it in advance.

To believe that "we will always find space" is an error that, in the ski resorts, may end up costing you a lot.

- fail to respect parking in designated places? You will get a ticket at the best, and your car tolled away more likely. 

- double parking? A practice not appreciated in ski resorts by all and local police...


Download your parking guide

Solve the parking dilema... before your stay

  • Which car park will you choose to book a parking place?
  • How will your trips be organized?
  • Will you take a shuttle?
  • What are the real good plans to park in Meribel or Courchevel?

Guide Parking Meribel


Parkings in Meribel: Mottaret, Rhodo, Ravines, etc...

Considering that parking solutions are quite simple.
The public authority in Meribel, for example, has not only built car parks (and continues to do so), but has set up shuttles to get there. Meribel is even considered as the city of shuttles.

It must be said that the problem is not simple.

The municipality of Les Allues, on which Meribel is built, counts 1932 inhabitants and 7 784 dwellings of which 860 are principal residences (which equals 11%). This gives an idea of ​​the increase in population when winter vacationers arrive.

And 88% of workers of the municipality also work in the town, so it is necessary to be able to park both these workers and vacationers who stay in the 6924 second homes offered for rent, not counting the guests of thirty or so hotels. Any way. The local population increases in a ratio of 1 to 10 during winter.

With this in mind, it is evident that anticipating parking solutions is reducing your stress upon arriving in the resort. And it is simple to anyone who wants to do it in advance.

We have gathered all the necessary informtion in this little guide to download. An entire chapter is devoted to Meribel.


Parkings in Courchevel 1850, Moriond, Village...

Same thing in Courchevel. It is practically impossible to park outside. On the other hand, the city offers 11 covered car parks, for a total of 2000 places.

The town hall of Saint-Bon (before 2016, the municipality of Courchevel did not exist, the resort was distributed between Saint-Bon-Tarentaise and La Perrière, the merger of the two municipalities took place on June 27, 2016) entrusted the management of parking lots to Courchevel Parc Auto.

The car parks are accessible 24/24 and 7/7, are equipped with controled access and benefit from video surveillance to ensure safety.

At Cimalpes, Julien Chamoux, rental service manager of the Courchevel agency, also advises to do it as soon as possible: "As soon as our customers have completed the booking questionnaire, we can take care of everything for them. When they arrive, their parking badge is in the folder with all the documents for a perfect stay, "he explains.