During the holidays: forget your car...

Ah! The joys of parking during the holidays! As soon as your long journey is over to get to the station, you already have to take care of your vehicle. Where are we going to park it? Are we going to find some space? Will it start tomorrow morning under several decimetres of snow? You don't want to think about that. You dream of a family ski holiday, forgetting your car completely.

Then read on!

95% of people who end up with parking problems at the station have not dealt with them in advance. Believing that "there will always be room" is a mistake that, in the mountains, can end up costing you a lot of money.


Parkings in Meribel

Five covered car parks according to your place of residence

To park in Meribel, there is no shortage of solutions! But to take advantage of its many solutions, it is essential to book in advance. The station's population is multiplied by 10 in winter. Knowing that 88% of Méribel's workforce works in the municipality, it will be very complicated for you to look for a place on the very day of your arrival. 

The station's public authority has not only built 5 covered car parks but has also set up shuttles to get there. Méribel is even considered as the city of shuttles.

All the information you need to park your car in Meribel is available in this guide to download.

the meribel parkings Guide

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Parkings in Courchevel

2000 covered places

In Courchevel, as in Méribel, it is impossible to park outside. On the other hand, the city offers 11 covered car parks, for a total of 2000 spaces.

Since 2016, parking management has been entrusted to a management company, Courchevel Parc Auto, which allows its car parks to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are also equipped with access control and video surveillance to ensure security.

At Cimalpes, Julien Chamoux, head of rental services at the Courchevel branch, also advises us to do this as soon as possible: "As soon as our customers have completed the booking questionnaire, we can take care of organizing everything for them. When they arrive, their parking badge is in the folder with all the documents for a perfect stay," he explains.

Discover the complete guide to car parks in Courchevel!

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Parkings in Val d'Isere

Four covered parking spaces

Like its cousins in the 3 valleys, the population of Val-d'Isère is growing rapidly each winter season. If you do not want to leave your car in the snow in an outdoor car park, it is also essential to book your place online.

To encourage their customers to book quickly, and limit the congestion of the resort, all car parks offered decreasing rates according to the date of booking.

Three shuttle lines cross the station from 8:30 am to 9:45 pm. The network plans and the direction of traffic of the lines are clearly announced, which will make it easier for you to get around the station. Without your vehicle, of course! 

Discover the parking and shuttle guide in Val d'Isere.

the val d'isere parkings guide

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