Two scenarios:

  • You have just spent a long day, the children scream, heckle, are all excited while you want to rest.
  • You want to be with your family and spend time with your children.

In both cases, the ideal is to opt for a playroom! This allows children and adults to have fun, laugh and relax.

What you need to know is how to choose it or how to manage it? Think about…


1. A soft carpet

To provide your children with a comfortable recreation area while avoiding injury.


2. Toys

Obviously, there is no playroom without a toy but position them in funny attitudes to entertain your children!


Playground Chalet Impasse Megeve
Chalet Impasse - Megeve

3. Soft toys

Symbols of childhood and sweetness, they have a great place in the affective universe of the small (and the big ones too).


4. Good brightness

To a fulfilling atmosphere, improve morale and decrease hyperactivity (a lack of light intensity would increase hyperactivity in children)


5. Storage arrangements

Intelligent and open to quickly identify where toys are located.


Playground chalet Fontany Meribel
Chalet Fontany - Meribel Village

6. Creative accessories

By manipulating instruments, drawing or painting, children develop their creativity and concentration.


7. Bright colors

For a convivial and warm atmosphere, they do not go unnoticed and give a certain cachet to your room of play!


8. A table

Where children can share their long games.


Playground Chalet licorne Courchevel
Chalet Licorne - Courchevel Moriond (1650)

9. Shepherds and cushions

To protect and pamper your cherubs!