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Winter Olympics 2018: portraits of skiers from our resorts!


on 05 March 2018

The 23rd Olympic Winter Games were held from 9th to 25th February in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Focus on the athletes of our ski resorts who have participated and won medals!


France went back home with 15 medals, including 5 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze. Our skiers won one more gold than 4 years ago, the first time we achieved the 5 gold medals! Our champions gave the best of themselves during these Olympics! We are proud of them all and wish the best to our 108 athletes selected to the Olympics! 


Alexis Pinturault & Courchevel


On the podium twice, Alexis Pinturault won a silver medal in Combined and a bronze medal in Giant. But behind these performances, there is a man and a personality. Born on March 20, 1991 in Moutiers (73), from a Norwegian mother and a father that owns a hotel in Courchevel, Alexis Pinturault has since he was a little boy, practiced a lot of sport, started skiing at the age of 2, then tried tennis, fencing, football, judo ...  He is part of the sports club of Courchevel and confronts his opponents at a very young age, he has the spirit of competition and the will to beat others.

His close relations describe him as someone with a strong character, very determined and perfectionist, always seeking to improve and that these character traits make his strength.

"Pinpin", one of his nicknames, is a daring and talented athlete! His family wish him to be happy, and to continue on this path, just like we do!

Victor Muffat-Jeandet Agence Zoom

Victor Muffat-Jeandet & Val d'Isere

Born on March 5, 1989 in Aix-les-Bains, Victor Muffat-Jeandet is currently part of the Val d'Isère ski club. Originally from the city, he thanks his parents for giving him the opportunity to ski, beginning at the age of 2 or 3 and did not wait a long time before competiting, the 6-year-old was already eager to compete!

He has always been practicing sports in his youth and always had a competitive spirit. Even now, he is always looking for improvement. His atypical career did not really predestine him to ski, but the love of skiing from the beginning has reinforced his desire to practice what will become a passion: skiing. Since he started competitions at the age of 6, he dreamed of becoming a ski champion one day.

He experiences a lot of pleasure and sensations while living his passion and seeks to achieve self-fulfillment. He describes himself as an emotional person, nostalgically remembering the moments in which his parents supported him. A beautiful story, in which he realizes his dream and offers us beautiful victories!

Clément Parisse

Clément Parisse & Megeve

Clément Parisse was born June 7, 1993 in Evry (Essonne) and is part of the Sports Club Megève. When he was a child, posters of Jean-Marc Gaillard and Maurice Manificat were on the walls of his room, his models with whom he won a bronze medal in the 4x10km relay of the Olympics! Called "jet fighter" during this relay, he was tied with Krüger, the world's best skier in this discipline.

He discovered cross-country skiing at Megève primary school and then joined the Megève Sports Club. He has a deep love of nature and landscapes that cross-country skiing allows him to admire and discover a little more each day. Another of his passions is the trek. He had planned last year to tackle the Aiguille Verte in the Mont Blanc massif. Upon his return, he was warmly welcomed as a hero in Megève and is already thinking of the World Cup of this season, where he could repeat his performance, in team and hoping in individual as well.

Before leaving, he wanted to surprise and "bring back a little medal", well, that's what he did! We wish him the best, and congratulations again!


Le Stallion: enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Megève’s all-new luxury apartment complex


on 17 November 2021

From 1-bedroom apartments to 5-bedroom apartments, the new Le Stallion apartment complex combines luxury with privacy and authenticity.

Back to school, let's think about the vacations first!


on 01 September 2021

Back to school and, we all know it, we are already thinking about the next vacations... Vacation dates, map of school vacation areas, resort opening dates, family vacation checklist...

Mountains in summer: disconnection, well-being and strong sensations in an authentic universe!

Family  Entertainment  Well-being 

on 26 July 2021

Spending a summer holiday in the mountains is first and foremost a way of disconnecting yourself from your usual environment. The breathtaking landscapes, the purity of the air, the silence of the villages and the freedom of the wide open spaces are enough to immerse you in an authentic and exotic universe. Discover all the ways to enjoy a summer holiday in the mountains! 

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