Winter holidays are often synonymous with skiing. You climb into the resort and hurtle down the slopes, enjoying the great outdoors.

That being said, what happens at the end of the day? You go into the accommodation you rented for the occasion and it is well known that a successful holiday depends not only on the snow but also on the quality of your accommodation!

The winter holidays allow you to find yourself in complete privacy with family or friends. This is where the interest of the chalet comes in... 😉


1. The space

In the past, many people went to the mountains to spend the entire day on the slopes. Today, most people vary their activities and therefore spend less time skiing. The housing they occupy is no longer simply a place to sleep but a real place of residence. We are looking for fewer small studios than large apartments and chalets !



Hameau de la Volière - Courchevel

2. The environment

One of the many advantages of a cottage is its proximity to the slopes. Most of the time, you have easy access to the ski areas, even early in the morning, when the trails are still deserted.

TIP: In Megeve, if your chalet is not located near the slopes, Cimalpes drops you by car to the ski lifts and picks you up at the same place when you want to go home !


Another advantage : a 100% natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center for those who want a real break in order to totally relax during their holidays !


3. A practical and advantageous solution

A chalet is always interesting financially because it is usually rented to several ! Several rooms, several bathrooms, large rooms where to meet with friends or family around a friendly Savoyard meal with a soft fire of chimney. You are sure to enjoy the pleasure of being together !

More people, more fun !



4. Various activities

Between cocooning and sport, a cottage can offer you so much equipment today that it becomes difficult to put a foot outside !

Heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, massage room ... The chalet takes care of you and the advantage is still the privacy with your loved ones and being able to bathe at any hour of the day or the evening !


A little exercise is also suitable for those who want to keep in shape with fitness rooms ! Everything will be at your disposal to muscle you to go down this black slope that you eyeing since the beginning of your stay ...


Chalet L'Impasse - Megève

While some people let themselves go or do a workout, others can relax in front of a movie in a cinema room that has nothing to envy the crowded cinemas of multiplex cinemas !

Comfortably seated in your sofa, the children not far from you, (re) discover the classics of the cinema or make known your favorite movies to your loved ones !

The little ones will enjoy their own toys in the family chalets !


5. The fact to not be overlooked

A detail not to be neglected : the view ! If your apartment or cottage looks on a wall or offices, what is the point of taking the height to the mountain if it means not enjoying the panoramas ?

Our chalets generally have a splendid view on the massifs, without person opposite, without view on the neighbors and their activities ... In short, you will be in peacen !

You never forget a beautiful mountain landscape. You will keep this image in memory and will have only one desire : to return !


Chalet Cryst'aile - Courchevel