Chalet Le Petit Fornet | Val d'Isère

1. Define the spaces

The open spaces let the light run through your interior and are very pleasant living spaces.

In order to enjoy at best of these large spaces, it is interesting to organize the different spaces that you want to create. Each of them has a meaning, the dining room is for meals, conviviality, while the lounge is synonymous with relaxation, pampering evenings by the fire or aperitifs with friends during a summer night...

Kitchen, living room, dining area, are three spaces that you can easily define with your furniture, just like it has been done in the Chalet Le Petit Fornet in Val d'Isère.

This will give a structure to your space, which you can easily modify as you want! Invert them and let your imagination speak ...


Chalet Natacha | Megève

2. Let the light in

It is nice to be able to enjoy the natural light at home! Open your curtains and windows and let this light flood your home!

It sublimates your interior, creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere, and gives you a source of positive energy: perfect to enjoy your beautiful summer days!

Large windows or bay windows are perfect for getting in the light.

The use of light colors in the living space will illuminate the room and optimize the brightness, providing a source of positive energy!

Enjoy a large living room that bathes in the light as the Chalet Natacha in Megève!


Chalet Amnésia | Courchevel

3. Bring brightness into your rooms


If you do not have large windows that allow you to enjoy abundant natural light, bright colors and light fixtures will be your allies!

Use white, pearl gray, pastel pink ... Powdered colors! Add to that beautiful fixtures that will allow the light to reflect on light colors.

Feel free to use some iridescent touches in decorative elements such as curtains, lamps, light garlands, mirrors, they will give depth to your room.

Thus, your interior will be chic, soothing and bright, as is the one of the living room of the Chalet Amnesia in Courchevel.


Apartement Aspen Lodge B31 | Courchevel Moriond

4. Do not skimp on plaids and cushions


For a cozy and cocooning interior, do not hesitate to leave some beautiful comfortable plaids on your sofas, accompanied by cushions!

Summer evenings can also be fresh, so what better than to snuggle on your couch for a movie night and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of your living room ...

To add a touch of warmth, install a carpet on the ground, and some elements in fur, it will just soften your interior a little more!

The apartment Aspen B31 in Courchevel Moriond is the perfect example of a cozy lounge, perfect for pampering evenings!


Chalet Black Bird | Megève

5. Use wood in your rooms


Wood is the main material of mountain chalet. It creates a warm atmosphere in your home and it can adapt to all types of styles and rooms.

It is often nicknamed "the centerpiece" of the house: the kitchen!

We like to spend time and prepare good food there, it must be nice. To do this, do not hesitate to use wood, just like in the kitchen of Chalet Black Bird in Megève.

It brings warmth and clarity in this room, accompanied by warm lights that highlight the wood. Whether wood is the structure of your home or it is used sparingly, it will always find its place in your home!


Apartment Aspen B31 | Courchevel Moriond

6. Having a cocooning bedroom


It is important to feel good in your room, the room that welcomes our nights, a soothing and comforting place.

To enjoy a cocooning, soothing and fresh atmosphere, use soft and clear colors in the room. Feel free to use wood, which you can whiten to bring more light while maintaining the cocooning effect of this natural material.

Hang beautiful curtains on the windows that will give volume to the room and a felted effect, enhanced by the soft light of the bedside lamps.

Add a plaid and cushions looking like furs on the bed and you will not want to leave your room, just like the apartment Aspen B31!


Apartment Aspen Lodge A31 | Courchevel Moriond

8. Refine the bathroom


The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house where we like to relax and unwind, consequently, so we must feel good in there!

Use sobriety, preferably use large tiles on the walls as well as on the floor, then dress up the space with mirrors and wooden furniture, just like the bathroom of the apartment Aspen A31.

Choose a piece of furniture that has sufficient storage space for your products. A zen and pleasant bathroom must be refined.

You can, however, add some scented candles to maximize relaxation in a subdued atmosphere during your baths.


Chalet des Sens - Megeve