The animal trail

From Meribel airport, follow the direction of the Rhodos to reach the beginning of the animal trail. A signposted trail with a discovery game: on twelve panels there are clues and an image to identify a mountain dweller; on seven panels there are clues and an image to identify a forest dweller and familiarize yourself with his habits. Maybe later on you will cross it again, but this time it will not be made of resin. The animal trail is a family walk, fun and informative for families.


Vanoise Reflets

Outings in the heart of the Vanoise

The "Reflets de Vanoise" hiking outing is the ideal way to discover the richness of this natural park. An easy outing of 2 to 3 hours, in a flowered and protected site. You will enjoy a mountain lake with turquoise reflections and many mountain pastures such as Beaufort and beekeeping.

The "Refuge du Saut" trail, in the woods of Les Ramées, will take you to the Plagne plateau, at an altitude of 2000 m, at the foot of the Aiguille du Fruit. Here starts the Vanoise Natural Park and its exceptional biodiversity. This trail offers you many possibilities for walks, especially to the Col du Soufre, the Col Rouge or the Glacier de Gebroulaz!


Plan de Tueda

Comfort walk

The Tueda Plan Walk is located at the foot of the nature reserve that extends from Tueda Lake to the Gebroulaz glacier. An exceptional place full of Alpine treasures. During your walk, magnificent views and impressive animals such as the golden eagle will be revealed. The mountain will no longer hold any secrets for you.

From Meribel Centre, the Doron leisure park will take you along the river of the same name. Its waterfalls, torrents and freshness make it an essential trail for hikers during the summer season. Arriving in Méribel-Mottaret will take you to a Belvedere that offers a panoramic view of the Valley.


hiking with breathtaking views

Between panoramas and glaciers

The "Breathtaking View" hike is a supervised outing with a 600 m difference in altitude. It will lead you to the peaks of the Jean-Claude Croix. After an escapade between rhodos and wild blueberries, you will reach a 360° panorama overlooking the valley. The return is made by the Refuge where a mountain snack will await you. 

Glaciers are an integral part of the Alpine landscape. To better discover them, the "Marmot and Glaciers" hike will make you discover an old glacial valley, while walking near the marmots and glaciers of the Vanoise. A great way to discover these giants of vulnerable ice and the many lives they shelter.


La Vanoise

Visit the Vanoise

What could be better than walking around the Vanoise with a private guide? You will cross many mythical passes, meet animal species such as ibex and chamois, without forgetting the emblematic animal of the region: the marmot. A great diversity of flora will be present on your way, from edelweiss to vanilla lily.

A day that will recharge your batteries on the shores of the crystal clear lake while breathing in the pure mountain air. The guide of the Bureau des Guides will organize this tailor-made day according to your wishes and above all, at your own pace!