Summer ends and autumn comes, so you have to know how to start it to avoid stress and fatigue! In this article, we give you some tips for transitioning smoothly!


Prepare your winter outfits


Autumn means sunshine and rain!

Keep some summer outfits that you will wear on beautiful days, and also prepare warmer clothes that you wear on rainy days.

In this way, you will never be caught off guard with the weather, especially if you discover a thin layer of snow one morning when opening your shutters.

For the more cautious, slip a blouse under your sweater: an elegant and very practical tip!

Swap your lightweight summer vests for pretty warmer trench coats and jackets. Feel free to play with the materials and the volumes by mixing your warm and light clothing like a fitted skirt with an oversize sweater and ankle boots, or pants with sneakers and trench: sporty chic effect assured!


Chalet Polaris 2 - Megeve

Adapt the decoration


Who says autumn, also says change of decoration! We already think of the afternoons and cocooning evenings that we will spend at home preparing to face the long winter months. For that, think about:

  • Adopt soft colors, more natural and sophisticated: we appreciate to vary the warm colors such as beige, yellow, brown, orange, green or purple. Beautiful colors to integrate on your textiles, your furniture and your decorative objects!
  • Light candles: sometimes natural light runs out and we like to a delicious play of light that will make the rainy days even more warm and intimate.
  • Flowers to brighten your cozy nest: inside or outside, autumn bouquets will enchant your month of September. If you do not want to spend the summer, prefer the rather light yellow flowers, and if you prefer to flirt with the winter, rather adopt a few touches of blue!


Chalet Polaris 1 - Megeve


  • Bring out your cozy textiles: plaids, soft cushions, blankets... will be for your long autumn evenings to sip a cup of tea accompanied by a good book or your favorite movie! Do not forget soft rugs for more comfort and elegance.
  • Warm your interior with metal: its warm glow lit by the flame of your candles will bring a real modern and warm touch to your decoration.


Chalet Les Brames - Meribel


Ski Room - Chalet Polaris 2 - Megeve

Plan the right accessories


Foulards, scarves, hats ... even gloves, helmets and ski pairs which will be essential in your dressing!

Of course, you have to know how to put the good things in your closets and it is even possible to find beautiful forgotten wonders that will be very practical during this season.

Our advice: winter will come soon so think about the accessories that will be of help when the time comes. Take advantage of these few months in advance to buy your new 2018/2019 accessories at a lower price. This will save you time and money in selecting items that appeal to you.

Tip #2: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you do not miss out on the contests that may save you with some new and ultra-trendy skis, and lots of other exciting new features!


Start the season in great shape:


Sport is your best ally between summer and winter!

All the right conditions come together: the temperatures are cooler, the colorful fall foliage is super-pleasurable during outdoor exercise, and the seasonal produce is extremely fresh and rich in vitamins.

There's nothing like having a fun holiday and adopting new healthy habits to work better throughout the year.

Through physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet, you will be able to get back to your best shape and reduce the stress of returning to work.

Get in the habit of moving a lot everyday: walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator... The temperatures are so much better in autumn than in summer, that they invite you to practice exercises in outdoors.


Prepare your next vacation


Ah, the eternal question: is it better to prepare your trip in advance?

  • First, you will avoid many worries and save time: You thought to book at the last minute and you come out as if nothing had happened? Think again, you will find more convenience in anticipating the holidays that you wish with your lodging and your activities in order to protect you from any risk with the remaining availabilities and your budget!
  • You will not miss out on unforgettable adventures: As you go along, you will read blog articles guiding you in your choice of destination. Better to read a few articles from time to time, in minutes, rather than spending hours searching for what's right for you. For this, blogs are very useful because they allow you to know much more easily the latest news and interesting places to visit.