6. Eagle's Nest chalet

Eagle's Nest chalet is an unusual property for its owners and tenants: Bono, the famous singer of the Irish band U2, and Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand, stayed there, but the country's only child Jean-Claude Killy, was one of his owners!

What great figures in such a beautiful chalet!


And what could be more majestic than this cottage? Built on a rock that confers it tute its presence, it dominates the valley and has a magnificent view of the village of Val d'Isère!


5. Ararat Chalet

Large bay windows on the ground floor welcome you as soon as you enter: you will think you are on the Aravis massif!


Glass is a very present material in the Ararat chalet: from the bay windows through the transparent bridge to the first floor, you will be suspended in time and space in this magnificent chalet!


4. Grange Wasmya

This completely renovated barn is special: it has an enormous contrast between its interior and its exterior appearance!

Both in a Savoyard spirit, you will make a voayge in time by taking the step of the door. The old aspect of the barn is in contrast with the young spirit breathed in the interior decoration: light wood, touches of red and the beautiful stone fireplace in the living room gives a very warm atmosphere!


Its location also makes it an atypical property: being in a sloping lane, you can reach the Wasmya Barn only by feet! It has even been listed as "Historic Heritage of the Meribel Valley"!


3. White Dream Chalet

White Dream. This chalet bears its name wonderfully because its particularity is due to its white appearance inside and outside!

It blends perfectly into the snowy landscape of Courchevel, so you can spend a quiet holiday without being bothered during your stay!


You think you are still outside, in that thick coat of snow that you see outside but no, the impression given by the white walls is very convincing. The only thing that betrays it is the soft warmth that comes from the chimneys of the chalet!


2. Black Pearl chalet

The Black Pearl extends over 1350m², 4 levels and a multitude of completely different atmospheres! Both a family home and a highly design chalet, this chalet will satisfy all its guests!


And that's not all ! You will be surprised by its splendid swimming pool, its well-being space and its very cozy "Club" space with bar and billiards!


1. La Datcha Chalet

The particularity of La Datcha lies in the interior design: a traditional chalet decor with natural wood furnishings and details bringing an authentic touch of luxury, all in Russian fashion. Read our article on La Datcha!


The superb relaxation area of the chalet La Datcha extends over a whole level of the chalet and offers you services worthy of those of the largest resorts: swimming pool, jacuzzi, ice fountain, gym, sauna, hammam and massage room to reach the summit of relaxation in this beautiful chalet on the heights of Courchevel!