Red roses | Cimalpes
© Nicole De Khors

The flowers cover

A driver picks you up at the station or at the airport, the car full of flowers. Flowers? Yes, but roses, of course. Upon arrival at home, petals of roses completely cover the room, from floor to bed. After a wonderful night together, you have your breakfast before leaving for the long-awaited ski day. Surprise! In the ski locker, a beautiful bunch of red roses patiently waiting to be discovered and admired.

Cimalpes will be there to guide you and make sure everything is in place so that you have no other problem than displaying your best smile and choosing the color of the roses that best suits your needs and feelings of love. The red rose means passionate and powerful love, perfect to offer to your heart’s desire.

But why not vary the pleasures or associate it with another color? The white rose evokes the purity and sincerity of feelings. The orange rose expresses carnal desire, while the pink color pays tribute to feminine beauty and gentleness.


Carriage ride| Cimalpes
© Joe Ross

Fairy tale

To spend a "fairy tale" evening, like in the most romantic movies, Cimalpes takes care of everything. Are you parents? We will find for you an experienced nanny to babysit. Then? Make way for the dream ...

A driver picks you up at your accommodation to take you to a gourmet restaurant for you to enjoy an excellent dinner. Once replete, a carriage worthy of Cinderella's most beautiful carriage will be waiting for you at the door. Snowflake atmosphere, chalet covered with white, and one destination: the snow front. There, a great surprise: a beautiful ice bar, a brazier and comfortable chairs with fur blankets. What more? Oh yes, a glass of champagne obviously. Now you are sitting in the warm, holding a glass of champagne in your hand. Your evening will end with the pinnacle of the show: a firework set off on purpose for you in the starry sky of the Alps.


 Megeve sled dogs | Cimalpes

To be alone in the world

Some people want to feel alone in the world with their love. That's why we imagined this evening...

At the end of the afternoon, a dog sled ride will make you discover the most beautiful corners of the Alps. Tight against each other, you wander in the pine woods and the immaculate snow, in an intimate atmosphere, lulled by the rhythm of dog strides and the crackling of snow in their path.

Once this ride is over, it's another form of intimacy that awaits you. Indeed, in the mountains you will be waiting for a yurt, a campfire and of course, a bottle of delicious champagne. You can admire the stars, alone in the world, in a beautiful setting, but always with the person you love.


Declaration| Cimalpes
© Dylan Howell

To make his declaration

To express your love, or even to make your marriage proposal, you may want to see the big picture. Why not from the sky?

Rotate the head of your lover by taking them to 1000 meters high in a balloon. Once up there, you can admire the alpine mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. Below, a message of love will be readable for your lover. What message will it be? "I'm madly in love with you"? "You are the love of my life"? 

... And why not, "Will you marry me? "