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The classics

Alpine skiing is the best-known way of skiing. It is a complete sport that works all the muscles of the body as well as endurance. Unlike snowboarding, if balance is not your strong point, we recommend that you practice skiing. This activity provides better sitting thanks to the separate legs and sticks.

Snowboarding, this fun and quirky activity, is ideal for people who plan to spend a few days in the mountains, without necessarily coming back every year, and who want to have fun and get their fill of thrills quickly. Be careful, when you start, your glutes may still spend some time in the snow!

Sledding is a fun activity that all family members and friends can do together. It is also an activity accessible to all, as well as another way to work your muscles and have a great reward at the top of the slope!



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Cross-country skiing allows you to be closer to nature, with very light and comfortable equipment. You can stroll quietly, enjoy the calm, disconnect, and meet smiling people who will take the time to greet you. You will be proud to climb a snowy slope alone (a good exercise for your thighs) and will appreciate all the more gaining speed for the descent.

Snowshoes allow total immersion in nature. Where skiing and snowboarding bring the pleasures of skiing, snowshoes deliver a whole new vision of the mountain with new sensations. If you like hiking, it is absolutely necessary to test this activity on the snow because the panoramas are splendid!

We have dedicated an entire article on the reasons why you should try ski touring, this great sport to practice alone or in a group and its many benefits that make it successful!


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The originals

The pony-sledge, as its name suggests: a toboggan ride towed by a pony! Children love this activity, between the pleasure of meeting a pony and the sensations of sliding, it is an unforgettable experience at a low price!

If you are looking for speed and adrenaline, you will be delighted by the snowmobile. Younger people can also practice, as mini snowmobiles are available for the little ones. Something to please the whole family!

If you are fond of mountain biking and all-terrain, or just a fan of sliding and discovery, you will appreciate the fat bike. More comfort, more stability... In fact, the width of the tires is twice that of a classic mountian bike, which will give you the feeling of floating above the snow!

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On the ice

If you are looking for a complete sport, ice skating needs to constantly rebalance, which means that you are going to exercise a lot of muscles: the postural muscles, the deep muscles and all the muscles of motor skills. Skating is also finding your child's soul and having fun with others!

The Ice Games, organized at the Meribel ice rink, will allow you to discover different fun games on the ice: broomball, mini tennis, motor skills, football ... with friends or with your family.

Ice karting is also a very good experience that you can try out in Val d'Isere. On the track, trajectories, slides, skids, counter-steering, are the watchwords of this mechanical sport. The circuit, 800 meters long and 10 to 18 meters wide, includes around fifteen turns. It is one of the only outdoor ice karting tracks in France.


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