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7 reasons why you should try ski touring!

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on 24 October 2019

If there is one sport that is succeeding those years, it is ski touring! Discover 7 reasons to practice this sport and forget about its clichés.

More and more practiced in recent years, cross country ski aknowledges a great success! Let us introduce you, with the help of the ESF Courchevel (the French Ski School), this great sport to practice alone or in group, its advantages and benefits and why it is so popular!

Nature et paysage - Ski de rando - Courchevel

1. Discover another nature following your wishes


Ski touring, as an outdoor sport enables you to discover inaccessible places, often without any human presence.

It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and quiet nature early in the morning or at the end of the day, while the ski area has closed to everyone except to you.

Enjoy the little things that we do not usually pay attention to, such as fresh animal tracks in the snow, that you can guess to which one it belongs.

Chose to go ski touring whenever and wherever you want, in a wild and spectacular environment, you will have the feeling to be completely free!

Ski de rando - Courchevel

2. Smoothly going back to a sport activity


Ski touring is not only for the experts, in fact, everybody can do it (you just need to know how to ski, we must not forget that after climbing, the slope is waiting for you!).

You can choose your speed, it is really easy to pick the right trail according to your level.

Smoothly improve your cardio and breathing and enjoy the slope, you have earned it!

If you want to work out in another way than going to the gym, you have to try ski touring


3. An activity with multiple benefits


Using muscular qualities but also stamina and coordination, it is a very complete sport ideal to take care of yourself while clearing your head.

Actually, it would be difficult to find a more relaxing place to let go and evacuate the stress.

Your efforts will be rewarded by the breathtaking beauty of the nature, between the snowy peaks, the fir forests, the peacefulness of the place, the feeling of well-being…

You will be the spectator of an outstanding nature showing you its most beautiful landscapes, revealing you its treasures, and perhaps some of its inhabitants.

4. An improvement really quick


There are 3 types of ski touring: fitness with the purpose of working out, competition to surpass yourself and outdoor to enjoy in another way of what nature has to offer.

Once you have the basics, it is possible to progress really quickly if you practice often.

You will then be able to join all these objectives: a beginner practicing on marked trails will be eager to compete, before wishing to explore backcountry with sealskin during a weekend between friends. 

Of course, without forgetting the trio shovel-probe-beacon, in case of avalanche!

Life Style Cimalpes

5. Enjoy a high-end equipment

Not as well-known a few years ago, ski touring has experienced a real success and became so popular, that manufacturers are now in a real race for innovation.

An outdoor sport, in a wonderful place, in group or alone, a sport that suits everybody: all that we needed was a high-end equipment.

Following that success, it resulted in lightweight and hybrid skis that allow you to climb without even realizing, while remaining stable on the slope

Before hurrying to your ski session with ESF of Courchevel, do not forget your skis! We advise you the Atelier Courchevel, a ski shop where you will find all that you need.


6. Share a unique moment in group


You generally do not practice ski touring alone, first for security reasons, and then because it is always more enjoyable to spend time with friends or family or even making new acquaintances!

To develop this state of mind, the ESF of Courchevel Village decided to offer a “Coaching ski touring” by providing supervised training sessions every Monday evenings, creating real moments of sharing in the quiet of the mountain, at night fall. 

It is also a great moment to learn a lot of new things about the moutain, nature, animals and a lot more, feel free to benefit from the presence of a coach by your sides.

Courchevel 1550 Village

7. Touring ski is good. In Courchevel, it's better!

Recently, the website, a famous sport website, ranked the resort of the 3 Valleys, 6th of the top 10 of the most “ski touring” resorts.

Mainly because it was the first French resort to create a marked and secure trail, which is now used not only for recreation, but also for races as the Millets Ski Touring, every Wednesday night.

Races where beginners compete with the bests on the same trail.

If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of dicovering trails by yourself, two itineraries secured and groomed "Millet Ski Touring Courchevel" and "Plum KV Courchevel" are available in Courchevel resort, where more than 2000 persons participate every winter.


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