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La creperie d'Adrien

After a day of skiing, what's better than relaxing on the terrace, in the sun?

We found THE PLACE TO BE in Val d'Isere: The creperie d'Adrien!

You will discover a multitude of pancakes ranging from classic to premium recipes.

The most? A large terrace with deckchairs that enjoy sunshine all day long with a magnificent view of the Solaise and Bellevarde mountains.

Our suggestion? The Italian pancake!


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Crepe Val's

200... This is the number of pancakes available on the menu!

Chinese crepe, caviar, pizza, classic... there is something for everyone! Rather vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant? Crepe Val's offers specialty crepes!

These are products like Valrhona chocolate that make the reputation of this creperie!

Alexandre, a Breton boy, settled in Val d'Isere in 1993 and opened his creperie "Crepe Val's". Think about it during your next stay!


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The creperie - Si mon père savait

Follower of the concept: better eating, better drinking? The creperie "If my father knew" is for you!

Their motto? "From the farm to the plate"! No industrial product, just organic and local products! Thanks to their farm, they produce their own milk and their own cheese.

Close to the snow front, enjoy a moment of relaxation in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

📍 Place Jacques Mouflier, 73155 Val d'Isere, France.