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4800 meters high peaks, eternal snow blankets, traditional spruce frameworks and flagstone tiles covering French Alpes traditional ski chalets are some of the many gems that flourish in the Alps and attract tourists to the Massif of the Alpes.

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In the search of a sporty yet pleasurable holiday rental in the French Alps? You could find the perfect match in Courchevel. With steep ski pistes, a water complex, luxury ski chalets, holiday chalet with private pools and renowned three-star restaurants, it is the opportunity to enjoy your holidays in the French Alps with a sensational and cozy touch.

Meribel, the core of the 3 valleys, is convenient for families and couples, with the advantage of having chalets with private pools two steps away from the ski pistes. The yeti park is one of the many playful activities adapted for families wanting to initiate their children to ski

Megeve is a resort of well-being and serenity. Its easily accessible luxury ski chalets have made it renowned. Charming squares and streets, scattered fir trees, flagstone tiles on French holiday chalet give it an authentic look. Chalets with hot tubs, equipped wellness rooms and breathtaking views. Rated “Best of the Alps” the ski resort is a rare gem of French culture.

You could immerge in the thrilling atmosphere of Val d’Isere. Adjoined to the ski resort of Tignes, they together make one of the biggest skiing locations of France with over 300km of slopes. Come and enjoy your stay in the French Alps.

Another option could be Saint Martin de Belleville. A subtle intimacy emanates from the traditional French Alpes chalets of the small village, and the discreet amenities made for tourists to enjoy their stay. The nearby pastures give to tourists the opportunity to enjoy the local delicacies of its’ traditional restaurants. A shuttle gives access the 3 valleys, to test another skiing area before soothing in your luxury ski chalet.

You wish to appreciate your stay in the French Alps? You should be granted correct guidance to choose the correct chalet rental in the Alps. Landscapes, activities, lifestyles and services vary between Courchevel, Meribel, Megeve, Val d’Isere and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. Cimalpes’ local experts would be pleased to help you in finding the correct destinations for your French holiday chalet.

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