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Albertville is ideally located in the heart of the valley facilitating the access to our various resorts. Cimalpes Albertville hosts the marketing and digital team for both vacation rentals and real estate transaction services as well as the multi-resort ski holiday advisors. The latter provide vacationers assistance in finding the accommodation for their ski vacations and will ensure that their holiday is a success. They work closely with receptive agencies in the resorts and spend part of the winter season welcoming guests to our resorts. Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French advisors are at your disposal to satisfy your desires and ensure you a hassle-free holiday.

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Benjamin Berger

General Manager

My role within Cimalpes : I am consolidating the existing, to satisfy the customers renters, buyers and owners by finding new opportunities and surprising them, while developing the opportunities of Cimalpes. I also see to the cohesion of the teams between and within the stations.

I like ... : Ski touring in the morning before going around the agencies, climbing in the evening in Albertville and down the alpine slopes during the weekends! All accompanied by rock music, I live my passions throughout the year.

My recommendations : The dream holiday with Cimalpes? A medley of the best of the 4 resorts : skiing on the slopes of the 3 Valleys and the Evasion Mont -Blanc area, off-piste Espace Killy, walks in the center of Megeve, evening parties in Courchevel...

General Manager


Céline Allemmoz

Administrative Manager

My role within Cimalpes : I take care of all the administrative and social aspects of Cimalpes : invoicing, collection, response to customer requests during their stay ... I am also in charge of Cimalpes Services, so that the owners aren’t concerned about any administrative approach to the management of their property.

I like ... : Traveling, especially when I'm on vacation, and having a good time with family and friends.

My recommendations : Choosing a stay with Cimalpes is the guarantee of exceptional services and benefits in one of the four mythical resorts on which we have unique properties and corresponding to each of our vacationers.

Administrative Manager


Margaux Heudier

Human Ressources Assistant

My role within Cimalpes : As a transaction sales assistant, I assist sellers and buyers in their administrative procedures. Alongside the negotiators, I help to promote the properties in the Méribel and Saint-Martin de Belleville sectors.

I like ...  I like hiking and travelling to discover new cultures, landscapes and experiences.

My recommendations : Meribel for its magnificent chalets nestled throughout the resort in the heart of the fir trees. Take a break to drink a good hot chocolate in Kaïla before leaving for skiing and dinner in Savoy with your family

Human Ressources Assistant


Baptiste Macé


My role within Cimalpes: I am in permanent contact with Cimalpes' suppliers to take care of all the accounting aspects of the company but also I am in contact with the agencies.

I like...: I love sports activities but I am a very big trail fan that I was able to practice for 4 years and for some time now, I have been running and swimming to prepare triathlons. I am a great mountain enthusiast and I love the resort of Val Thorens.

My recommendations: Spend a moment at the Altapura Hotel in Val Thorens and lunch at the 2mille3 restaurant. Warm dishes and an atypical atmosphere, even children will find their happiness by enjoying the many activities made for them.



Jessica Palpier

Rental Management Assistant

My role within Cimalpes: I assist Carole Torta, the rental manager. I am in charge of all proprietary accounting, whether it is payment, collection or dunning. I also take care of the control and allocation of supplier invoices before they are transferred to our accountant. I also help agencies in the creation of our properties.

I like...: Travelling, discovering new landscapes and cultures, integrating into an environment that is not mine, cooking but also enjoying my family.

My recommendations: I fell in love with the resort of Saint-Martin de Belleville, I like its natural village aspect, which has preserved its authenticity and architecture.

Rental Management Assistant


Mathilde Buttarello

Office Manager

My role within Cimalpes: As a management assistant, I organize events related to the management's activity such as meetings, trade fairs, etc. I also participate in the implementation of projects that aim at the proper development and consolidation of the company.

I like... : Enjoying life in the open air, sharing the simple things of life with my family.

My recommendations: In summer, go from walking in the mountains to swimming in the lake. In winter, go cross-country skiing in our wonderful areas.

Office Manager


Marine Pige

Marketing & Communications Manager

My role: Spread a positive image of Cimalpes, its' activities, its projects and its' teams. I coordinate the communication policy of the company: internal, commercial, institutional and event communication, digital, and much more.

I like... : Taking my shoes and head off runing in the late evening. I like cooking specialties of my origins (Greek) and let my friends try them. I like to meet new cultures, discover new cultural sites, savor local dishes and shares extraordinary moments.

My recommendations: Megeve for its' International Jazz Festival during in of March. Relaxed atmosphere... in altitude... in a superbe winter setting... with a glass of hot spiced wine while listening to jazz: J'adore !

Marketing & Communications Manager


Ines Khenifer

Community Manager

My role within Cimalpes : I hide behind all the posts and comments of Cimalpes on social networks. I answer the customers and inform them about the novelties and the offers, as well as the availability of the goods.

I like ... : Of positive nature and passionate of sports, every day is a pretext to surpass me. I like to transcribe this good mood on social networks; communicate with Internet users to provide them with the answers to their questions; and showcasing the work of my colleagues on social networks to motivate them to surpass themselves even more.

My recommendations : Follow Cimalpes on social networks and blog to be informed of the latest trends: the new products, the most beautiful views, the most amazing swimming pools, the novelties in the resorts ...


Community Manager


Fanny Delmas

Community Manager Assistant

My role within Cimalpes: animate our social networks, create inspiring content for the website ... That's what I do with Inès, our Community Manager.  See you soon in our agencies or on our networks! 

I like ... : to meet with friends or family around a good raclette and a fire after a day of skiing, but above all to travel and discover the most beautiful beaches, to laze around and recharge my batteries.

My recommendations: a trip to Courchevel in the summer to let off steam and enjoy the Frappadingue region with friends and admire the prowess of the athletes during the ski jumping events. Enough to get your legs up and get ready for the ski season!

Community Manager Assistant


Koralyne Berthelon

Communications & PR Assistant

My role within Cimalpes: I am in charge of the internalization of the press relations but I also have missions related to marketing and the production of contents.

I like... : discovering new places and new areas. When I get to a new place, I like going to museums to learn the history as well as tasting the culinary specialties. But we must admit that watching a good movie nice and warm in bed on a Sunday is quite pleasant too!

My recommendations: Go to Courchevel to relax at Aquamotion, enjoy the outdoor baths to admire the snowflakes fluttering around us. Then go and have a nice hot chocolate, as in our childhood, by the fire with the breathtaking view of the Montagnes aux Airelles or enjoy a nice cocktail with friends in the Chabichou restaurant.

Communications & PR Assistant


My role within Cimalpes: I alternate between Product Marketing and Communication. I am in charge of creating marketing content and communication support.  

I like...: Of course I enjoy my family and friends, but I'm also a big fan of music and sports, especially rugby.

My recommendations: I have a crush on the resort of Megeve. With its slopes surrounded by fir trees, its atypical village, its restaurants and shops, Megève will make your stay a success.

Communication & PR Assistant


Ygerne Pennarun

Marketing Product Manager

My role within Cimalpes: My role is to make sure that the products we offer for rent and for sale are correctly highlighted on the various media we have in our possession.

I like... : The mountains in the summer to take full advantage of the many hikes and lakes that surround us without forgetting the good times with friends or family. A beautiful sunny day with fresh snow in January to enjoy the ski area in complete tranquility with a stop at a mountain restaurant (the Bel Air in particular) for lunch with a breathtaking view !

My recommendations: Méribel for a stay with family or friends ! Everything is there to spend pleasant moments! The good think you can taste a fondue in a privatized lift ! Another atmosphere, I suggest Courchevel, in addition to its domain and its excellent tables, nothing better than to end your skiing day at l'Aquamotion. Plunge into a warm water while flakes are falling, enchantment guaranteed!

Marketing Product Manager


Baptiste Jacob

Communication & Content Redactor Assistant

My role within Cimalpes : I am attached to the communication center, I take care of the descriptions on the properties in hiring, so that you know perfectly where, and in that condition you will stay with Cimalpes.

I like ... : sport, nature, and enjoy the great biodiversity of our region in every season. At the edge of the great lakes in summer, on the peaks of the 3 Valleys in winter!

My recommendations : From the top of the Saulire ski, and down to the Praz to take full advantage of the versatility of the ski resort of Courchevel. Then after skiing, walk around Courchevel 1850 and enjoy the immeasurable charm of this resort.

Communication & Content Redactor Assistant


Maeva Baronio

Product Marketing Assistant

My role within Cimalpes: I am in charge of creating the contents of the properties we have for rent and for sale, as well as the commercial supports and virtual tours so that you can project yourself more easily.

I like... : Travelling and discovering new cultures, spending time with friends and family and finally practising my passion for rhythmic gymnastics.

My recommendations : I have a little crush on the resort of Megève which has kept its authenticity. It's always pleasant to meet up with friends over a coffee at the Spaggiari after strolling through the narrow streets of the old village.

Product Marketing Assistant


Adelin Vergnes

Digital Project Manager

My role within Cimalpes: My day-to-day job is to exploit all the innovations in digital marketing to optimise Cimalpes' websites and enable our customers, as well as our partners, to find the property they are looking for. Another important part of my job is to perfect each of our digital tools and to develop new ones.

I like... : Nature, cooking and a change of scenery. The trick is to combine all three at the same time! And the advantage is that they can be combined infinitely, just about everywhere: on the other side of the world like here in Savoie.

My recommendations: To be in a cosy chalet in Megève to spend good times with your family and friends during a week of holidays combining relaxation, gastronomy... and of course, skiing! 

Digital Project Manager


Jules Gertner

Communication Assistant and web editor

My role: I help the digital marketing team on spots related to Cimalpes sites; content creation, SEO, interface and customer experience. A final goal, to support you in your research of holidays in mountain!

I like ... Climbing, hiking and sliding sports and sensations. I also like to stroll, a book between the hands, and my sin... cute Savoyard cuisine.

My recommendations: A getaway in one of the many mountains of the region; tartiflette at the Col du Granier restaurant followed by a digestive walk or downhill bike in a summer resort.

Communication Assistant and web editor


Sarah Schmitt

Digital Marketing Assistant

My role within Cimalpes: I work with the web marketing team on Cimalpes websites. My mission is to text and media content, as well as improve existing content. I also support the communication team on social networks.

I like... I like to go horseback riding with my mare and cross the most beautiful landscapes of Savoie. I also love French boxing, skiing and good food.

My recommendations: The Alps are full of unforgettable experiences. Torchlight descent, ski joëring, dog sled, cheese fondue on the slopes, but also paragliding, via ferrata ... There is something for all tastes and all seasons.

Digital Marketing Assistant


Direct Marketing Assistant


Sacha Bogachuk

Rentals Manager

My role within Cimalpes: My main responsibility is to make sure that all clients who come to Cimalpes receive professional and relevant advice and that they make the best choice of accommodation for their mountain holidays.

I love ...: I love the region where I live with its beautiful mountains, I like to do sports, to travel, I like to meet new people and to learn new cultures.

My recommendations: Go on a winter holiday in a resort in the Alps to enjoy a unique setting and an unforgettable experience.

Rentals Manager


Inessa Chauchaix

Ski Holiday Advisor

My role within Cimalpes : You dreamed of your vacation in the snow ... I can certainly help you! My mission ? You propose different stays, adapt to your expectations, to make you discover and live Savoie as I know it since my departure from St Petersburg.

I like ... : Skiing of course! Although more comfortable on a mountain walk or hands in my garden. Not to mention, my passion for music and choir.

My recommendations : A little crush for Courchevel 1850 during a certain lunch at the Hotel les Airelles. You will marvel at the quality and diversity of its shops and tourist establishment.

Ski Holiday Advisor


Tatiana Morozova

Ski Holiday Advisor

My role within Cimalpes: My main mission is to find the best locations and destinations for our clients' holidays.

I like...: Travelling, discovering different cultures and learning foreign languages.

My recommendations: Enjoy the unforgettable ski area of the 3 Valleys and the after-ski in Courchevel.

Ski Holiday Advisor


Lucille Thiriat

Ski Holiday Advisor

My role within Cimalpes: Do you want to escape to the mountains and more precisely to the Alps? At your disposal, I would be happy to help you find a holiday rental that suits you, in an apartment or chalet, with the possibility of adding additional services. 

I like...: Sharing, discovering new landscapes and cultures by using foreign languages, such as English and Spanish, is a real interest for me. Not originating from Savoie, new sources of escape have been created: Skiing and hiking offer us fabulous panoramas. But that's without forgetting another source of freedom, my passion for horseback riding along the ocean.

My recommendations: If you appreciate the intimate and chic side, Saint-Martin de Belleville will be the resort for you! In addition, you are close to the famous Domaine des 3 Vallées and the highest resort in Europe, Val Thorens.

Ski Holiday Advisor


Lola Lambert

Sales & Revenue Manager

My role : Native of the region, and passionate of the French hospitality, I use what it does of good of the territory to propose to our customers a satisfactory stay with their waitings. In addition, I take care of the tourist market of the mountain, I am close and we announce the rental activity of each of our property, our owner, in order to optimize the performance of our partnership.

I like ... : Conviviality, pleasure and sharing at every moment and in every aspect of my life. In other words, Winter in the mountains!

My recommendations : Take a stroll through the snow-covered and illuminated streets of the old Val d'Isere, after a beautiful ski trip to the summits to contemplate the view of the Iseran and its Chapel. Then go to the sofas of the restaurant 'La Table de Jeanne' in Tignes, to enjoy a Savoyard Fondue family near the fire.

Sales & Revenue Manager


Vincent Viard

Sales & Revenue Assistant

My role : as assistant revenue manager, my role is to optimize the occupation and economic profitability of the properties of which CIMALPES is the rental management. My close collaboration with the marketing and reservation teams allows me to carry out rental estimates and a marketing strategy adapted to each property.   

I like... : our Savoie Mont-Blanc area, between tradition and modernity. I like to follow in the footsteps of the Alps of yesteryear, discovering their customs, and following their development, the growth of ski resorts and architectural evolution along the way. But above all, I enjoy discovering, little by little, the mountains of tomorrow, ever more surprising and innovative.

My recommendations: Megève, after a day of slaloming between the fir trees, take the time to stroll through the illuminated alleyways of the old village. Discover its baroque heritage and its shops without forgetting to stop in one of its restaurants to taste, in a friendly atmosphere, the local specialities! 

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Sales & Revenue Assistant


Ugur Mercan

IT Project Manager

My role : Conductor, I organize relations and interventions between different service providers, IT & Telecom and Cimalpes. Keeping the computer network operational and collaborating internally by optimizing the use of digital tools is my responsibility. I also carry out a technology watch and ensure both internal and external IT security.

I like ... : Spend time with my family, go out and contemplate the stars in the great outdoors!

My recommendations : In Val d'Isere, happiness is not only on the slopes. He is also in the plate and the discovery of this resort, which has kept its charm of architectural authenticity.

IT Project Manager



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