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Ski holiday checklist

Some omissions can ruin your holidays. Do not panic ! We will help you.

Want to spend family holidays without stress?

Some examples of the checkboxes that you will find in our downloadable checklist

You can not go on vacation without checking 3 times that the lights are off and the shutters closed? Or are you scatterbrains and always forget your ski poles at home? In any case, this check list is for you. It will allow you to approach your holidays with more serenity and to avoid stressful times during your stay.

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Ski passes and skis (before departing)

☐ Book the ski passes
Booking the ski passes before you leave can save you money and above all time: on the one hand, some resorts offer yield management, so prices on the Internet are cheaper if you purchase in advance, and on the other, ...

☐ Book the children’s ski school
Depending on the age and experience of your children, they will need different level lessons. To be sure to choose the ideal level of group it is better to ...

☐ Check the size of children’s ski suits and equipment
Reusing ski suits from previous years is good. Ensuring they fit before leaving is even better. Children grow, but they are not the only ones to change : ...

Automobile (before departing)

☐ Testing cold-sensitive parts
The battery, the ignition and the fuel system are cold-sensitive parts that must be tested before taking to the road. The level of antifreeze washer fluid ...

☐ Buy a cold “survival kit”
Driving in below zero temperatures means exposure to a number of difficult situations in the case of a breakdown. It is therefore very wise to have useful accessories which can be very helpful : ...

☐ Check the assistance policy
Does your policy cover breakdowns due to frost or snow? Do you have breakdown assistance from the first kilometre? Will the assistance lend you a replacement vehicle during your holiday?

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The important points for a successful holiday

  • What should I remember for the car?
  • What to prepare for children?
  • And if I want to take my dog ...
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