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We answer your questions related to COVID-19

So you can get all the answers to your Covid-19 related questions and travel with peace of mind, we answer your most frequently asked questions below. 

Can I get a refund in the case where myself or a member of the party with which I wish to travel receives a positive test for COVID-19?

At the time of booking, Cimalpes will offer you the opportunity to take out an  Allianz "Accommodation Solution" insurance policy, which will cover you for refund of cancellation costs, subject to the limits of their general conditions which will be provided to you at the time of your booking and subscription to the insurance policy if applicable.

Can I get a refund if I have been in contact with someone who has tested positive?

Cimalpes will not offer a refund to someone who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Can I postpone my stay if I test positive for COVID-19?

If the property you have booked is available on the desired dates, it will be possible to postpone your stay. Please consult our service team to find out more about your options to postpone your stay.

Can I be reimbursed if I cannot come to France because I amn't vaccinated or if my vaccine is not recognised by the European Union?

No, the specific Covid Cimalpes cancellation conditions do not apply. It is your personal responsibility to get vaccinated if the Government of your country or France requires it.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

Cimalpes undertakes to provide a full refund to the person who made the reservation if their flight is cancelled due to government restrictions (for example, suspension of air travel between countries).

Where are the COVID-19 testing centres?

The closest test centres are as follows:

  • If you are in Courchevel, Méribel or Saint-Martin de Belleville: at the Moutiers laboratory.
  • If you are in Megève: at the Sallanches laboratory.
  • If you are in Val d'Isère: at the Bourg Saint Maurice laboratory.

What happens if we test positive during our stay?

You always have the option to remain in your accommodation until the end of your stay, and to book subsequent weeks if these are available.

We ask you to inform your Cimalpes agency as soon as possible so that our dedicated team can best support you and take all measures necessary in this kind of situation.

In the case where you have taken out the Allianz insurance offered at the time of reservation, you will benefit from cover and repatriation.

If you are covered by your own repatriation policy insurance policy, you can use this.

Will I receive a refund if I have to quarantine in my home country upon return?

Our refund policy does not apply in this scenario.

When will I be refunded if I cancel and return under covid-19 conditions?

If you cancel and if one of the scenarios described in our cancellation conditions is effective at the time of your stay, your payment will be returned within a maximum of 15 days after the date of your stay.

Will I be reimbursed if a new containment is announced during my stay?

If you leave the accommodation because of an announced new containment, the "unconsumed" nights will be refunded.

What happens if someone in my family is tested positive at Covid-19 before we arrive and we can't come?

We suggest that you take out, at the time of booking, Allianz "Solution hébergement" insurance, which undertakes to reimburse cancellation costs within the limits of their general terms and conditions, which will be provided to you at the time of booking and when you take out the insurance, if applicable.

Or positive during the stay?

You can stay in your accommodation until the end of your stay and rent it out for the following weeks if it is still available during these dates.

If you have taken out Allianz insurance, you will be covered and repatriated. If you have your own repatriation insurance, you will be able to mobilise it.

Is there a more thorough cleaning of the property? Do you use a special product for disinfecting?

New methods of cleaning and disinfection have been introduced with the use of a virucidal disinfectant in accordance with EN 14476. Our teams also pay particular attention to door and window handles, wall switches, sockets, lift buttons, handrails, digicodes, household appliances, sinks, taps, tables, chairs and sanitary facilities.

What are the hygiene conditions compared to the Covid-19?

All staff are equipped with masks; each agency is equipped with non-contact hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers as well as disposable masks which are at your entire disposal; the principle of social distancing is always applied and respected, whether in the agency or during reception at the chalets; and new cleaning and disinfection methods have been implemented (cf: the previous story).

For chalets equipped with a jacuzzi, do you change the water after each use?

We control the quality of the water after each use and, if necessary, we change it.

How does the reception of the keys to the agency take place?

It all depends on the property booked: for the flats, the keys are handed over at the agency. For the chalets and some higher category flats, a welcome in the property is organised upon your arrival. In both cases, our agents will be equipped with masks and will respect all sanitary and social distancing measures.

Am I reimbursed if a quarantine is set up in my country ?

No, but you will be reimbursed if the French government imposes a quarantine in France on your arrival.

Am I reimbursed if there is containment in my country or in France?

Yes, if the containment is effective on the dates of the stay.

Am I reimbursed if my country prohibits travel to France or if quarantine is compulsory in France?

Yes, you will be reimbursed if your government prohibits all but essential travel to France or if there is a mandatory quarantine in France, imposed by the French government, on your arrival.

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