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Meribel and its ski area

Prices and Opening season 2021-2022

Opening and closing:

  • Opening of the domain on December 4th, 2021
  • Closure of the domain on April 22nd, 2022

Ski passes for the 2021- 2022 season:

From 04/12 till 10/12:

  • 1 day: Adult (13-65 years): 44.80€ | Child (5-13 years): 35.80€ | Senior (65-75 years): 40.30€
  • 6 days: Adult: 223.20€ | Child: 178.50€ | Senior: 200.80€

From 11/12 till 17/12:

  • 1 day: Adult (13-65 years): 50.40€ | Child (5-13 years): 40.30€ | Senior (65-75 years): 45.30€
  • 6 days: Adult: 251.10€ | Child: 200.80€ | Senior: 225.90€

From 18/12 till 08/04:

  • 1 day: Adult (13-65 years): 56€ | Child (5-13 years): 44.80€ | Senior (65-75 years): 50.40€
  • 6 days: Adult: 279€ | Child: 223€ | Senior: 251€

From 09/04 till 15/04:

  • 1 day: Adult (13-65 years): 50.40€ | Child (5-13 years): 40.30€ | Senior (65-75 years): 45.30€
  • 6 days: Adult: 251.10€ | Child: 200.80€ | Senior: 225.90€

From 16/04 till 22/04:

  • 1 day: Adult (13-65 years): 44.80€ | Child (5-13 years): 35.80€ | Senior (65-75 years): 40.30€
  • 6 days: Adult: 223.20€ | Child: 178.50€ | Senior: 200.80€

HD Map of the Trois Vallées ski resort   


HD Map of the Meribel ski resort

Skiing in Meribel

The ski resort

The Meribel ski area is part of the largest ski area in the world: Les 3 Vallées. Meribel station alone counts 150 kilometres of slopes on 422 hectares, 67 tracks with 1 852 meters of altitude difference between Les Allues and the top of the resort. For young and old alike, 8 green ski slopes and 28 blue ski slopes for apprentice skiers, 24 red ski slopes and 7 black ski slopes for the most experienced.

45 ski lifts connect the various themed ski areas within Meribel ski domain.

Yeti Park Meribel

There is a Family Cool space where the youngest ones can try their hand at skiing in an area that is completely reserved for them. Several spaces are dedicated to families like the Inuit trail, near the Altiport, in the middle of which the children can have fun before returning by two paths traversing the forest.

The Petit Yeti Park is a family park in Méribel Mottaret on a green track with a gentle slope. Several fun modules in the colors of the Petit Yeti blue are disseminated throughout the park. Tunnels, igloos and other zip lines will delight children.

Again in Meribel Mottaret, an adventure awaits on the trail of the Dragon of the Altai: several of these mythological creatures are to be discovered in positions that show their fury.

Last but not least in regards to adventure for children: the Moon Wild track. Go in the search for wild animals in a forest path where you can spot and identify animals through their cries or footprints.

The Meribel area includes many boarder crosses, slaloms and snowparks.

For the most competitive skiers, the Parallel Slalom will be the ideal ultimatum between close ones in a timed and filmed race that will separate all the competitors, while the Vertical Xperience will challenge the experienced skiers on a track descending from the Dent de Burgin with a slope of more than 75%.

Hors Piste dans la poudreuse - Domaine skiable Méribel

The DC Area 43 Snowpark in Meribel Mottaret is divided into two parts to allow everyone to try their hand at the art of freestyle. A "Rookies" zone is dedicated to novices in this area, while the "Pros" area has gained international fame thanks to its half pipes, hips and kickers.

The Element Park has many modules for all levels: whoops, boarder cross and Fun Cross are all to be discovered. The Turn & Run is part of the same entertainment. This family boarder cross comes alive between snowy bridge, giant snail and tight turns.

The snow

The resort of Meribel extends over 5 villages, the lowest being located at 1 100 meters above sea level, while the tops of Mont Vallon reach 2 952 meters. The south-north exposure of the Meribel ski area allows it to enjoy a perfect snow throughout the day. However, in the event that natural snowfall is not enough, the resort has 650 snow guns spread over 40% of the area.

Télécabine à Méribel

The ski lifts

The resort having spread out from year to year, Meribel had to adapt its lifts. In order to connect the 5 villages of Meribel by ski, the resort has developed an extensive ski lift system:

  • 16 ski lifts
  • 1 detachable chairlift 8 seats
  • 8 detachable 6-seater chairlifts
  • 5 detachable 4-seater chairlifts
  • 1 4-seater chairlift
  • 14 gondolas

The 3 Valleys Ski Area

The ski area of The 3 Vallées is the largest ski area in the world. It links the resorts of Courchevel, La Tania, Brides-les-Bains, Meribel, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens and Orelle. Of these 600 kilometers of slopes, all levels will be able to venture on one of the 328 tracks of their choice thanks to a single ski pass giving access to the entire ski domain.

With 55 green ksi slopes, 131 blue ski slopes, 107 red ski slopes and 35 black ski slopes joined by numerous ski lifts, lovers of snow sports will be delighted. Use the network comprised of 166 lifts to ski from one end of the valley and enjoy other horizons.

Plan des Pistes des Trois Vallées en HD
Plan des pistes - Domaine de Méribel
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