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Create a cocooning atmosphere

At any time of the day, simply and quickly make your own cosy corner!

A few soft blankets, cushions, a cozy fur-like carpet, soft lighting with candles with a soft scent that you particularly like... Add to that soft and warm woolen socks, as well as comfortable pyjamas if you have finished your workday, and you will be completely relaxed in this cocooning atmosphere!

The final touch? A thin tinsel of light, which will accentuate the softness and subdued lighting, and a good Christmas movie!


Take time for yourself | Cimalpes Blog

Take time for yourself

Transitioning to winter, it is necessary to take care of yourself and your body with great care reinforcements, balms and masks of all kinds.

With temperatures dropping, there's nothing like relaxing in a hot, foamy bath, well protected from the elements. Pair it with a good book and/or relaxation music, light a few candles to sift and perfume the room, apply facial or hair care... And now you're relaxed and ready to think of no one but yourself.

Another trick? The steam bath: close your eyes and let the water vapor act on your face for about ten minutes. A natural care to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries!


Watch movies at home | Cimalpes Blog

Watching movies at home

What is a cocooning afternoon or evening without watching a movie at home with a warm cotton blanket and a pack of your favorite cakes? This is the ideal time to organize a movie screening at home.

Design your living room or bedroom with the cocooning atmosphere you have previously created (with the previous ideas), prepare yourself a good hot chocolate covered with whipped cream, open your favorite streaming website or launch a Christmas movie if you want to dive into the magic of winter!



Are you going to a ski resort for your Christmas vacation? Plan your stay with peace of mind, review the latest details: car parks, activities to try in the resort, checklist of things to bring.



Cooking hot dishes | Cimalpes Blog

Cooking hot dishes

With winter returns of the desire of hot dishes that we love so much! The weekend is the perfect time to get back to the kitchen and prepare dishes appreciated by the gourmands.

In a salty dish, the tartiflette is a perfect example: a recipe that is easy to make, Savoyard products, a little elbow grease, an oven and you're done. Your golden tartiflette comes out of the oven and will not have time to cool on the table because you will appreciate it so much.

For a perfectly successful and unusual snack, what could be better than toasting chestnuts? The smell will remind you of childhood memories and immerse you in the Christmas atmosphere!


Concierge services | Cimalpes Blog

During Christmas, Cimalpes takes care of everything!

Once the transition period over, the long-awaited moment arrived: the Christmas period! Rest, family reunions, conviviality... And Cimalpes who takes care of everything!

Thanks to our concierge service and our many partners, your stay in the mountains will be a relaxing one. Travel through the ski resort, restaurant reservations, delivery of groceries or dishes, services of a private chef or housekeeper... Anything is possible!

You will have a dream stay and an unforgettable holiday, and at the same time, you will feel at home in a beautiful chalet or mountain apartment. Like in a hotel with the advantage of feeling at home.