Because our guests seek a unique experience that reflects their personal lifestyle and preferences,
at Cimalpes, hospitality is about personalization, services of the highest quality and authenticity...
that is Alpine Hospitality. Welcome to the most beautiful resorts of the Alps.

"Enjoy your stay in a unique setting; no two chalets or apartments offer the same experience. Our hospitality experts have carefully selected the finest and most authentic chalets and apartments in our resorts. Our holiday advisors will assist you in finding the chalet or apartment that best suits your needs and wishes."

At Cimalpes, hosting is our passion. It is what we do best. Staying with us is a guarantee of premium quality para-hotel services. We can personalize your experience according to your needs and wishes.

Chalet and apartment owners solely entrust Cimalpes with the rental of their treasures.
Consequently, we are your most direct and trustworthy contact in arranging your stay.

Cimalpes originated in the Alps. All that we do is imbued with the French Alpine lifestyle and we are delighted to offer this experience to our guests.

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Cimalpes was born in the French Alps from the dream of two entrepreneurs passionate about their Alpine lifestyle. Today, Cimalpes’ mission is to share this passion with its guests by hosting them in the most charming chalets and apartments, and by accompanying them to organize a memorable holiday in our ski resorts. The Cimalpes teams will be delighted to meet your every need; let us treat you to the Cimalpes promise.