Covid-19 Information

Travel safely!


We are delighted to be able to welcome you again to our Cimalpes agencies and look forward to seeing you again!

The first three months of 2020 have been dominated by news of the spread of COVID-19 to Europe and the rest of the world.

As professionals, it is important that we focus on our social responsibility, and, in accordance with this, we will continue to adhere very closely to the guidelines of local government.  It is our responsibility, as business leaders, to facilitate healthy social practices within our organisation such as encouraging working from home and social distancing policies for essential meetups.

In this interim phase, while the pandemic has many more days, weeks and probably months to run its course, we will also focus on the quality of our communications with all affected parties.

It has always been an essential skill in our past successes to tune into the feelings of our guests to gain insight on surpassing expectations and we plan to draw on this value in these difficult times too. More directly though, we have to take into account the questions of our clients and do our utmost to ensure that they have a peaceful stay in the French Alps. Particular vigilance and strict measures have been taken to ensure that the protocol is as effective as possible.


All the staff is equipped with masks during reception and visits to the accommodation to ensure everyone's safety.


Each branch is equipped with non-contact hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers and disposable masks. They are at your entire disposal.


New cleaning and disinfection methods have been implemented with the use of a virucidal disinfectant complying with standard EN 14476 and, as a measure of vigilance, our teams will pay particular attention to the following points: door and window handles, wall switches, sockets, lift buttons, handrails, digicodes, household appliances, sinks and taps, tables, chairs, sanitary facilities.


The principle of social distancing will always be applied and respected, whether in agencies or during reception at the chalets.


We provide full reimbursement when ski resorts and borders are closed and we are in a health pandemic. Your safety is at the centre of our priorities to ensure you have a peaceful stay.


Cimalpes was born in the French Alps from the dream of two entrepreneurs passionate about their Alpine lifestyle. Today, Cimalpes’ mission is to share this passion with its guests by hosting them in the most charming chalets and apartments, and by accompanying them to organize a memorable holiday in our ski resorts. The Cimalpes teams will be delighted to meet your every need; let us treat you to the Cimalpes promise.