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Courchevel 1850 is where it all began in 2003. The agency offers both vacation rentals and real estate transaction services. Cimalpes Courchevel 1850 is therefore the first and oldest of our 8 agencies and the one after which they were all modeled with a passion for the Alpine lifestyle and hospitality; thus building the brand's reputation in our resorts as Cimalpes grew. The Cimalpes Courchevel 1850 team is pleased to welcome you into its office.

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Olivier Builly

Co-Founder & President

My role within Cimalpes : To ensure that as a team we all adhere to our corporate values and brand promise: transparency, quality and customer service. We are creators of memories, and I want our guests who work hard all year to enjoy thei stay with us from their first day to their last.

I like ... : I enjoy nature and being in the great outdoors during the 4 seasons: before, during and after the opening of the ski lifts, I am on the slopes. Cycling, hiking, skiing in all its forms... an I particularly appreciate ski touring before the official winter opening of the resorts !

My recommendations : Entrust the planning and organization of your stay to our ski holiday advisors. Our team of locals, "children" of the Alps and specialists of their destination.

Co-Founder & President


Grégory Flon

Co-Founder & General Manager

My role within Cimalpes : I take care of my employees who then take care of our customers. My role is to make sure all our customers are satisfied: whether they are vacationers, owners or buyers.

I like ... : The mountain, board sports, and outdoor activites in general, and more importantly, to spend time sharing and laughing with my children, family and friends.

My recommendations : Talk to the agency specialists who live and work all year in the resort: they will make you live the resort experience.

Co-Founder & General Manager


Julien Chamoux

Courchevel Rentals Manager

My role within Cimalpes : I take care of the teams of the agency in Courchevel 1850 and the rental on this sector. My priority is to get the client first and satisfy him so that his stay is exceptional.

I like ... : My passion ? The mountain in all its forms, the collective sports, and of course the Olympique Lyonnais !

My recommendations: At Cimalpes, there are several possible destinations for you to dream holidays in paradisiacal resorts ! But Courchevel is my favourite, and the bar Le P'tit Drink is one of my favourite place after a good day on the slopes.

Courchevel Rentals Manager


Annaick Sarniguet

Rentals Manager

My role within Cimalpes : In charge of the operation of the agency Courchevel 1850 at the level of rental, I ensure the smooth running with our customers, our owners, our partners and our employees. I participate and convey the image of the company through numerous canvassing and prospecting abroad.

I like ... : I like to enjoy my incredible environment, summer and winter the Courchevel Valley is a huge playground but also to travel and share special moments with my family and friends.

My recommendations : I recommend the discreet charm of Praz with its Olympic ski jumping hill, the toboggan run from 1850 to finish off its crazy run at Courchevel Village, the sunny side of Moriond ideal for family holidays with the center water sports and of course the inevitable Courchevel 1850 for its mixture of magic, gastronomy and shopping.

Rentals Manager


Elsa Falcony

Ski Holidays Advisor


My role within Cimalpes: Help customers their best vacation memories. Make yourself available and listening to meet expectations, and organize a stay that resembles them.

I like ... Random sharing of encounters when traveling, or just leaving home. Respect for our mountains and the hikes that they offer us. The discovery of the globe. Swimming.

My recommendations: Never refuse to take full advantage of Courchevel! This resort has so much to offer. Sport, nature, emotion, art, gastronomy and conviviality. A successful day always begins with a ski session and ends with a fondue with friends.

Ski Holidays Advisor


Diana Poirel

Ski Holiday Advisor / Russian Specialist

My role within Cimalpes : Understanding customer needs first to better meet their expectations, and helping to make their holidays unforgettable in one of our exceptional properties, I take care of the Russian clientele very present.

I like ... : Read, travel, hiking, and to really be relaxed : yoga.

My recommendations : Come to Courchevel for its unique ski area and choose Cimalpes for quality service, for the constant search for better work.

Ski Holiday Advisor / Russian Specialist


Camille Lecomte

Ski Holiday Advisor

My role within Cimalpes : I accompany and guide clients in their research. I do my utmost to ensure that their stay is up to their expectations. It is a real satisfaction to see that we have managed to offer them a beautiful holiday and see them happy.

I like ... :  Mountain, sport and mainly (and logically) skiing, music, travel, family and friends !

My recommendations : in the heart of the Three Valleys, Courchevel is a resort with many facets: sporting, festive, family-friendly, cultural, gastronomic... Cimalpes is a reflection of this diversity, a wide range of apartments and chalets where we cultivate a lifestyle where well-being, serenity and relaxation are the key words.

Ski Holiday Advisor


Emilie Bernard

Ski Holiday Advisor

My role within Cimalpes :  I have the pleasure to accompany and advise our clients to find the solution that allows them to spend a great holiday. This is also the Service of the Arms Owner.

I like ... : Enjoy excellent area of ​​the three valleys, with a preference for the quality of the slopes of Courchevel. I also like to go to the sunny terrace of Cape Horn for an ambient break.

My recommendations : Have a great time in the picturesque village of Praz, enjoy a glass of wine in the warm cellar of lilies and dine in another bistro of Praz.



Ski Holiday Advisor


Olivier Midali

Technical Service & Maintenance

My role within Cimalpes : I am in charge of managing Cimalpes properties so that customers arrive in flawless chalets and flats. Out of season, I renovate and maintain the interior and exterior of the properties. During the season, I bring my help to any request from customers concerning a problem encountered in the property.

I like ... : Travel and sport, especially jogging, cycling and skiing, of course !

My recommendations: Coming to Courchevel for your skiing area is obvious, as is choosing Cimalpes for the professionalism of its teams.

Technical Service & Maintenance


Marie France Framinet

Supervising Housekeeper

My role within Cimalpes : As a housekeeper, I oversee the preparation and verification of apartments and chalets to satisfy our clients' stay from start to finish.

I like ... : Mountain sports like walking during the summer and snowshoes once the snow has fallen.

My recommendations : Courchevel for its ski area, Cimalpes for its comfortable chalets and apartments : the perfect combination for an unforgettable holiday !

Supervising Housekeeper


Maxime Gall

Property Advisor

My role within Cimalpes : Advice to owners and buyers, negotiation and perfect mastery of the Courchevel transaction market are the words that define my business.

I like ... : Beyond the love of the mountain, summer and winter, old stone, motorcycle and handicrafts occupy my evenings and my weekends.

My recommendations : Courchevel is incredible in summer, magical in winter! A superb combination of both in the last days of the ski season. Customer service is the team's priority, whatever the season !

Property Advisor


Gaelle Seguis

Real Estate Assistant

My role within Cimalpes : As a commercial transactional assistant, I am responsible for the administrative aspects of the transactional business and the development of the properties for sale. I assist negotiators in their dealings with clients and I am in contact with notaries for the monitoring of sales in progress.

I like ... : Photography, snowboarding, wakeboarding and traveling when I can.

My recommendations : Choose Cimalpes for the quality of personalised services, the availability and the sense of the customer that the Cimalpes teams demonstrate.

Real Estate Assistant


Nathalie Coquard

Management assistant


My role within Cimalpes : I take care of the administrative part of the rentals. I am in contact with our clients, our owners and service providers, and I make every effort to ensure that everyone is satisfied with our services. I therefore follow up the rentals, I respond to requests from our owners on the management of their account, their personal reservations ...

I like ... : not being from the region, I fell in love with my arrival. I still enjoy living in this fabulous setting and feel very privileged when I go to work. I get involved with my family and my friends and I have a passion for theater that I practice in a troupe of amateurs.

My recommendations : enjoy all the levels of Courchevel that offer entertainment and rich and varied atmospheres.

Management assistant



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Cimalpes was born in the French Alps from the dream of two entrepreneurs passionate about their Alpine lifestyle. Today, Cimalpes’ mission is to share this passion with its guests by hosting them in the most charming chalets and apartments, and by accompanying them to organize a memorable holiday in our ski resorts. The Cimalpes teams will be delighted to meet your every need; let us treat you to the Cimalpes promise.