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Chalet Lamartine : a spirit Rock'n Roll & chic

Alpine Design 

on 19 September 2019

The Chalet Lamartine in Megeve, an exceptional property with a  Savoyard and contemporary design at the same time, where tradition meets originality.

Located in the heart of the city, discover the magnificent Chalet Lamartine, a real chalet of exception in the heart of the prestigious resort of Megeve. Magnificently renovated in 2017 in a contemporary style, original and traditional at the same time, Chalet Lamartine is an unparalleled property.

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Chalet Lamartine | Salon | Megève

A feeling of lightness

The living room is often one of the warmest rooms in the house, where we like to meet around and share good times.

In the Chalet Lamartine, light takes over the living space where the different materials mix perfectly. The old wood of the fireplace, the various wooden boards on the ceiling and the stone worked of the fireplace a warm atmosphere where you feel good.

Materials such as furs contradict wood and stones, as well as comfortable gray, felt sofas with generous cushions make us want to snuggle in the sofas, on a beautiful winter evening, enjoying the warmth by the fireplace.

During the day, the brightness of this lounge is simply energizing and soothing at the same time. We can feel an air of serenity in this large living space.

Chalet Lamartine | Espace de vie | Megève

A feeling of freedom

The generous living space of Chalet Lamartine oscillates between straight and circular lines, creating an opposite parallelism between the kitchen and the dining room, demarcated on the ground by the change of material and on the ceiling by the imposing beam that crosses the room.

This beam guides our eyes towards the large picture windows which offer us a wonderful panorama on the outside.

It feels like being both indoors and warm, but at the same time outdoors, while enjoying the snowy landscape. During a meal, everyone will enjoy a pleasant view, an idyllic setting to share a moment with friends or family.

In this spacious living space reigns an air of freedom, lightness, and well-being, in a soothing landscape.

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Chalet Lamartine | Escalier en verre | Megève

A Rush of Adrenalin

When you enter the living space of Chalet Lamartine, one thing, in particular, catches your eye: the glass staircase.

The choice of glass increases the brightness, that a classic staircase would have obstructed.

From the living room, you can admire this sublime staircase that leads us to the two ensuite bedrooms that are on the top floor of this magnificent property.

Take this staircase to reach the living room invites us to dare walking on a glass platform through which we see the sofa. This impression of setting foot in the void provides a slight adrenaline rush which remains only pleasant and original.

This glass staircase: a magnificent work, the most original in an exceptional chalet.

Chalet Lamartine | Salle de bain |Chambre de maître | Megève

A chic & elegant combination

The bathroom in the master bedroom is simply sublime and special. Made of white and gray marble, added to a wood of character and embellished with black touches, this space produces an amazing surprise when you discover it.

This magnificent marble, as the main component of the room, gives it this chic and distinguished character, which is balanced with the wood that stands between the bath and the shower. Embellished with a light on the wood and on the frame, the wood brings a warmth to this marble of cold reputation.

The combination of those two materials in this room produces a chic and warm atmosphere at the same time.

Chalet Lamartine| Chambre de Maître | Megève

A feeling of fullness

In the continuity of its bathroom, the master bedroom of Chalet Lamartine reveals to be elegant and cozy at the same time.

Under the roof, while enjoying a generous height under ceiling, it offers by its balcony a superb view of the valley of Megeve and the summits.

Bathed in the light warmly absorbed by the wood, we feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites us to rest. Its huge white headboard and soft lights are soothing, ideal for diving into a beautiful night.

Installed in the comfortable bed, surrounded by cushions, while enjoying the view that is offered, you will feel a feeling of fullness after a beautiful day spent in one of the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps.

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Chalet Lamartine | Salle de Cinéma | Megève

Cinematic art at home


Take the beautiful wooden staircase and its black wooden ramp and go to the ground floor where you will discover a superb cinema room with different shades of gray.

Carpet, large sofas, and big pillows to give you the best comfort to watch a cinematographic work at home.

There are famous scenes of movies hanging on the walls, a dim light according to your desires, a giant screen and a sound quality worthy of the most beautiful cinemas. Just like the chalet, fully equipped, this home cinema is equipped with high-quality equipment.

We enjoy meeting friends or family during a movie night, comfortably installed, the perfect place to relax after a nice day.

Chalet Lamartine | Megève

An artistic atmosphere


Throughout the chalet we find various Rock'n Roll paintings that bring a touch of colorful energy.

Different works of art are subtly exhibited in the chalet, bring color, a delicate touch of extravagance, which gives it a unique originality.

We find in the room en-suite, located on the ground floor, paintings with bright colors that create all the originality of those rooms and invite us to stop. We stop by the different works to contemplate their beauty and quality.

Exceptional rooms by their location: you can reach the terrace through the glass door, where you will discover the jacuzzi.

In summer, the Chalet Lamartine has a spacious terrace where you will find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, table, and barbecue: all the conditions are there to allow you to spend pleasant moments outside during the period summer.

Chalet Lamartine | Jacuzzi | Megève

Pure happiness


The terrace of this chalet invites you to rest during the winter, especially in the jacuzzi, accessible from the rooms. We already imagine, at nightfall, a beautiful winter night where the sky is clear, and landscapes covered with snow, a glass of champagne in hand, enjoy the warmth of the jacuzzi. Treat yourself to this relaxing moment in absolute calm while enjoying the surrounding nature.

During the summer season, you can enjoy the large terrace, on which you imagine lounging, enjoy the sun by the pool, during a beautiful summer afternoon.

Ideal for barbecuing and enjoying the pool, accompanied by your friends or family.

Chalet Lamartine, an exceptional chalet, offers all the elements for you to have the best stay.


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