Known for its virtues in health, the spa is today more and more appreciated by the population. It is the ultimate wellness device: it relieves body and mind, helps fight stress, decreases pressure on muscles and joints, improves sleep quality, stimulates blood circulation and participates in the detoxification of the body. In other words, the spa provides an absolutely undeniable sense of well-being.

Today, we decided to present you some chalets that have their own spa :


Massage room chalet des sens Megeve

Chalet des Sens - Megeve

With a cozy, simple and refined atmosphere, the Chalet des Sens spa blends harmoniously into the room and combines aesthetics with practice!

The spa of this chalet may be one of the most beautiful of Megeve. Imagine, swimming in this hot tub, surrounded by multiple candles and lanterns. This can be a wonderful Valentine's Day gift or just a fantastic time to share during a romantic break.

Besides, you will enjoy a relaxing moment for two in the fabulous massage room: what will tone your body and relieve your mind.

In duo or several, there is nothing like the magnificent swimming pool of the Chalet des Sens. It is surrounded by very wide bay windows allowing to observe the snowy mountains. Small trick: bathe at the end of the day to admire a fantastic sunset, it is worth a look!


Chalet Cryst’aile - Courchevel

Imagine yourself on the lovely terrace of the chalet Cryst'aile, comfortably  install with a drink or a good snack, facing the mountains. What a dream vacation !


Chalet Blackbird - Megeve

The chalet Blackbird has the best view of Megève and the Mont Blanc, so an outdoor Jacuzzi brings the final touche to be perfectly at ease, relaxed, and enjoy the stay with absolute tranquility!


Chalet Greystone - Megeve

Bathrobes, music, warmth and comfort above all ! Everything is planned to spend a wonderful time at the chalet Greystone : sauna, jacuzzi, hammam ? Why not the three and in the order you want !


Chalet Amnesia - Courchevel

Very chic and bright, the chalet Amnesia confers a perfect atmosphere and privacy to its guests. It is known that colors have an influence on our moods, and well this chalet dressed in white, which symbolizes purity and simplicity, gives a real refreshing effect !


Chalet White Dream - Courchevel

Your friends want to go to a wellness center? Invite them to White Dream ! Share moments of privileged relaxation with your loved ones.


Spa chalet La Datcha Courchevel

Chalet La Datcha - Courchevel

If you like to rest after a long day, La Datcha Spa is what you need ! Moreover, it is perfectly matched with the inside design !