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Like a January ski | Meribel
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Like a January ski

The daylight appears early, and once the breakfast is eaten it's time to put on the skis. The departure is early, the conditions are exceptional, the sun illuminates the mountains since several hours. The low attendance in this period allows you not to wait for the ski lifts and to reach the summit very quickly.

Once on the peaks, the panorama is, of course, breathtaking and the conditions are even more! On the north faces, the snow is still in perfect condition, the snowpack is comfortable, it feels just like skiing in January, especially for the similar snow quality!


Time to relax | Meribel
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Time to relax

The sun is at its zenith, the snow is of January, the temperatures are positive for several hours ... After enjoying these exceptional conditions all morning, it is the perfect time to eat!

You will not be cramped on altitude restaurants terraces as during the February holidays. In addition, you can enjoy the spring conditions by eating outside in T-shirt facing snowy landscapes.

Spring is also the perfect time to have a picnic! You just need to find a well-exposed rock and enjoy a 360-degree panorama. If you are lucky, you will see some emblematic animals of the Alps who are also preparing their spring outing.


Enjoy skiing differently | Meribel
©Sylvain Aymoz

Enjoy skiing differently

Once lunch is over, it's time to put on the skis! The most sporty ski is experienced in the morning with optimal snow conditions.

In the afternoon, it is warmer, the snow begins to change and the setting is perfect to ski on forest paths or on big boulevards, to wander effortlessly and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that become more and more apparent with the snow melts.

As the snow has not yet been completely transformed, the athletes among you will appreciate the north faces. They have almost no exposure to the sun and the down is as pleasant in the afternoon as in the morning!


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