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Walk wilderness | Meribel

Need air?

Walks in the wilderness

Discover a thousand and one facets of the valley of the Allues and the natural reserve of the plan of the Tueda. You can enjoy it on foot, in snowshoes, in cross- country skies ... but also in ski-joëring, in horse sledge, or on horseback. Sledge dogs are another way to enjoy the resort. Activities in Meribel with huskies are particularly appreciated by young families.


Horse riding | Méribel

Take the reins!

Horseback riding, sledding, ski joering or pony-sledge, let yourself be carried away by the magic of wandering in the middle of fir trees with branches heavy with snow and possible gallopes in these lands!


First track | Meribel

Rather sports?

In the air... or on land!

Rather air? Paragliding, tandem, glider and hot air balloon piloted by certified instructors, you will discover the exceptional sensations that free flight gives!

Rather land? Climb 2,738 meters above sea level to admire a magnificent sunrise in front of a breathtaking panorama. After a good breakfast at the restaurant Les Pierres Plates, at the top of the Saulire, enjoy an exceptional ski run on a freshly groomed slope!

Moreover, take advantage of our offer of the moment: one "3 Vallées" ski pass offered for all Chalet Hygge reservations!

I want it!


Children's activities | Meribel

For your kids

Let your children into the marvellous world of Yooni the Yeti, at YetiPark, located along the beginner "Little Himalaya" slopes; or have them enjoy the Kenotheque: tales, games, baby gymnastics, parachute, Kenotte the rabbit trail, introduction to relaxation and yoga, treasure hunts, coloring, crafts and creative hobbies!


La Folie Douce | Meribel

The after-ski

Outdoor party

La Folie Douce invites all generations to mix the pleasures of a generous cuisine with the joys of clubbing, and to enjoy exceptional shows, unique of their kind. In addition, the property is in the middle of the ski area with a breathtaking view!


massage | Olympic Park | Meribel

The Olympic Park

Enjoy relaxation and well-being at the Olympic Park. The Olympic Park is the ideal place to relieve. It includes an Olympic skating rink, a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a spa with a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a hammam, a relaxation room and a tisanerie. Relax after a good day of skiing.