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The 5 novelties of the week!

Alpine Design 

on 31 August 2017

September has arrived, back to work and school for the children. It is also time to start thinking about the next holiday: what are you planning for this winter?

September has arrived! For the occasion, some adults return from vacation and go back to work while the children go back to school. Then, it is natural to think about: 'What will I do for the next winter holidays?', 'Where will I go?', 'Where will I stay?', 'If I reserve in advance, it will be worth more!'.

Indeed, it is better to organize your stay as early as possible and to book in advance in order to have more choices, to get the chalet or apartment of your dreams, the resort of your choice, on dates that you want, and, inevitably, to be more relaxed.

We are launching a serie 'The 5 novelties of the week' so that you can more offer you and discover the places that will make you dream, your loved ones and yourself.

Salle à manger du chalet Queen Mijane à Méribel

Le Queen Mijane - Meribel

We open the ball with the incredible chalet Queen Mijane, a real jewel in Meribel Village!

The perfect combination of the modern and the traditional chalet: its exposed beams and stone columns give its traditional spirit while the geometry of the spaces and the design furniture ensure its modernity.

Equipped with a semi-professional kitchen, you can already imagine sitting around this beautiful table in wood and enjoying wonderful meals with your loved ones. Conviviality and intimacy on the menu for this kitchen worthy of a chef!

Salon du chalet Queen Mijane à Méribel


The large balcony that goes around the living space offers an exceptional view of the valley and its fir trees.

A clear view suitable for relaxation and which admire wherever you are in this space thanks to its large bay windows bringing a bath of natural light.

You can relax comfortably in the soft gray sofas, near the fireplace, while drinking your coffee or enjoying a glass of champagne in the sumptuous lounge made of wood and stones. Your only concern will be to admire the view!

Piscine du chalet Queen Mijane à Méribel


If all the chalet is sumptuous, its specificity lies in its incredible wellness area which offers an impressive indoor pool of 8 meters by 4 with a view on the pines, a rarity for the resort of Méribel!

One imagines already to make lengths in this magnificent space while admiring the snow-covered pines!

The wellness area also offers a sumptuous stone hammam where it is good to relax during winter days when temperatures fall outside: what frees the mind from everyday worries.

Pièce de vie du chalet Les Voûtes à Méribel

Les Voûtes - Meribel


Located in a typical Savoyard village in Les Hameaux de Méribel, the sublime chalet Les Voûtes is ideal for large families.

Far from the Savoyard and traditional look, it stands out by its design furniture and its  vast purified and luminous spaces.

Formerly a Savoyard barn, today Les Voûtes is a magnificent high-end chalet completely renovated. This transformation gives it its authentic and natural charm.

Discover more information about the decoration of this chalet!

Salle à manger du chalet Les Voûtes à Méribel


The metamorphosis of this old barn made it possible to preserve these magnificent exposed beams with unprecedented charms.

They are all the more valued by the opulent suspensions, illuminating in passing the imposing solid wood table, made of one and the same piece of wood.

The moments shared around this table during good hot meals are unique. Friendly and warm moments between a beautiful fireplace that take centre stage the room and an incredible view of the Dent de Burgin.

Espace loisirs du Chalet Les Voûtes à Meribel

Why would the name would be the chalet 'Les Voûtes' if it was not composed of a brilliant piece of relaxation with splendid vaults?

This space is perfect to decompress and to have fun. Around a billiards game or a drink at the bar, this space is conducive to moments out of time. There is nothing better than to keep warm and under cover from winter evenings, in a place as warm and welcoming.

Always blending marvelously the old and the design, the vaults, masterpieces of this room with its clear paint ensures the authentic charm while lighting all along the bar put light on the wood, to revives the modernity.

Vue extérieure du chalet Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest - Val d'Isere

Eagle's Nest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chalets in Val d'Isere!

Overlooking the resort, the natural setting that surrounds this property and its magnificent view of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking.

Located in the hamlet of Carats which, if you do not already know, is the ultra-private and valued district of Val d'Isere.

Built on a rock, it perfectly pictures its owner who is a real rock at Val d'Isere: the great Jean-Claude Killy!

Composed of gray stones of Val d'Isere and old wood, the Eagle's Nest is a character property with 100% rustic spirit.

Espace de vie du Chalet Eagle's Nest à Val d'Isère


A rustic decoration lies in the chalet which gives it a warm and friendly atmosphere to live fully its winters while being well surrounded!

Its vast living room, high ceiling with traditional exposed beams and its solid wooden decorative elements, such as coffee tables and leather sofas, traditionally highlight the Savoyard heritage.

You will love staying in this interior full of charm and authenticity. Going to the mountains is also synonymous with returning to the natural and simple things. The decoration of this chalet is based on light colors and natural materials that are harmoniously united.

Piscine du Chalet Eagle's Nest à Val d'Isère


This chalet offers to its guests a relaxing space, faithful to the whole decoration of the chalet.

This area offers a prestigious view over the valley which will relax and soothe anyone who will passe the door.

Otherwise there is the jet pool, steam room, sauna and outdoor hot tub!

As we said before, if you are looking for a natural setting, you have to know that this chalet has been built in a peaceful and tranquil place, from the sources of nature.

Salon du chalet Partagas à Courchevel 1550

Partagas - Courchevel Village

Traditional from the outside, in dark wood and gray stones, the Partagas is from the inside a real jewel of authenticity and conviviality.

Respecting the codes of the old and adopting furniture in accordance with its time, it offers all the authenticity of yesteryear and modern comfort, for a winning combo! One imagines already huddled on the comfortable sofa by the fire.

Located in the private and secured hamlet of Les Brigues, in Courchevel Village, and only 20 meters from the slopes, this property is perfect to make the most of the 3 Vallées area during the day and the comfort of the chalet at nightfall.


Salle à manger du chalet Partagas à Courchevel 1550


The large living room consists of a living room with large traditional fireplace for the cocoon side, the large fitted kitchen is open to the dining room, which offers a ventilated and friendly space.

The mezzanine opened on the dining room and the very large picture windows extend this space and give it maximal luminosity.

You will appreciate the height of these bay windows and the view allowing to have the head in the clouds (or the mountains) on all floors!

Piscine du chalet Partagas à Courchevel 1550


Located on the lower floor, the relaxation area, with a wooden and stone wall, like the extension of the forest on which is viewing, offers all the comfort to recharge oneself as close as possible to the nature.

Equipped with an indoor swimming pool, a hammam and a sauna it is the all body which is ressourced to leave again the following day to pace the slpoes !

Pièce de vie du chalet Les 3 Soeurs à Courchevel 1850

Les 3 soeurs - Courchevel 1850


Les 3 soeurs  is an exceptional high-end chalet nestled in the heart of Courchevel 1850.

All clothed wood, its rustic charm is assured! Its modern decoration with dark touches, in black and dark gray, design guarantee its elegance.

High ceiling and exposed beams, the living room is thrown with light and charm to ensure magical and friendly moments with your loved ones.

One imagines already tied around a good meal lit by candlelight or thanks to the sumptuous chandeliers that beautifully decorate the chalet.

Chambre du chalet Les 3 soeurs à Courchevel 1850

Composed of 6 rooms, all more comfortable than the others, one imagines already in one of its majestic bed which composes its rooms in the Alpine style.

The colors are sober enough to marry elegantly with natural woods and apparent.

All the rooms have huge bay windows that will enchant the awakenings and sunsets of its guests by offering them an incredible view. Imagine waking up with snow-covered mountains in front of you, while peacefully taking your breakfast under the duvet!

Espace détente du chalet Les 3 Soeurs à Courchevel 1850


The lower part of the chalet consists of a large spa area with a sumptuous stone wall, alongside the Jacuzzi and the rain shower, highlights the authenticity of the space and brings to it this natural and traditional side.

The spa is also equipped with a hammam, in golden tones, and a massage room to fully enjoy the holidays and have fun while relaxing as much as possible!

On the leisure side, you have enough to do at chalet Les 3 Soeurs. Nothing like it to completely decompress during the winter!


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