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Discover Courchevel through Orlinski's sculptures

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on 21 October 2019

Discover the map of the famous giant sculptures of Richard Orlinski, one of the world's best-selling contemporary French artists attracting collectors from all over the world.

Sculpture T-Rex Richard Orlinski | Courchevel 1850 | Blog Cimalpes

An unordinary artist

Richard Orlinski is a French sculptor and musician who has been known since 2004 for his work directly inspired by the "Born Wild" concept. For the artist, violence and archaic fears are channeled by the beauty of art.

Richard Orlinski's challenge with the "Born Wild" concept is to transform negative vital impulses into positive emotions, sculpting to sublimate reality and beautiful and timeless living works of art that evoke emotion in other's eyes.

In 2010, he was ranked the second best-selling contemporary French artist in France by Art Price and in 2011 two of his works were among the top 10 auctions. Since 2015, he has been the best-selling contemporary French artist but also one of the most famous artists in the world.

Sculpture Howling Wolf et le Cerf de Richard Orlinski | Courchevel 1850 | Blog Cimalpes

Works of gigantic proportions....

... And contemporary materials

Richard Orlinski uses mainly contemporary materials such as resin and aluminum, but also marble, stone, and bronze to work on the brilliance, opacity and transparency of his works. In 2004, after working for 2 years on the dimensions, he presented his first resin series, the Crocodile, which was a great success and was one of his 3 best-known works with the Panther and Wild Kong.

Imbued with pop culture, the artist creates a colorful universe inspired by the wildest animals and emblematic objects that have marked their generation.

Wild Kong | Courchevel 1850 | Blog Cimalpes

The sculptures to see

In 2009, Courchevel and the Bartoux galleries decided to combine art and mountains by creating an open-air museum. For this first surrealist exhibition, Salvador Dali's works had invested Courchevel.

Richard Orlinski's sculptures are regularly highlighted as the imposing 5-metre Gorilla placed at the arrival of the Vizelle cable car for the tenth anniversary of the exhibition. His works are exhibited in key places in the ski area such as the summit of La Saulire, La Vizelle, Le Biolay and Les Chenus. Places of passage where you can contemplate these works while enjoying the panorama.

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Wild Kong | Courchevel 1850 | Blog Cimalpes

Places of interest

"In the mountains, Vizelle, a hub for skiers, remains my favourite place," says the artist. It is in this precise spot of the ski area, at 2,661 metres, that one of its monumental red resin Kong, a gorilla holding skis, bearing the image of Courchevel, can be admired.

But it is not the only beautiful wild sculpture by Orlinski, to be discovered over this winter 2019: one of his wolves is enthroned in Biollay, at an altitude of 2,234 metres, his Kong blue resin thinker has fully found his place in Saulire, at 2701 metres, alongside his blue resin Panda... Not to mention this magnificent Horse which blends in perfectly with the snowy landscape of Chenus. So many huge sculptures in Courchevel that are not really afraid to challenge the summits! But which one is the closest to the artist? Without hesitation, he answers: his famous Kong with such a human posture.

Plan des sculptures de Richard Orlinski | Courchevel | Blog Cimalpes


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