The winter sports season is open! The period of holidays and weekends in the mountains is there and will ask you, first of all, a good physical preparation. To avoid these perpetual injuries and aches, it is certainly necessary to warm up your body before going to the slopes, but it is also important to prepare yourself physically more or less 6 months before the start of your stay.

Maxime, sports coach, guides you with his tips and exercises to follow.

You can contact Maxime by FacebookInstagram or at +33 6 88 17 23 01.


Cardio by Maxime

The cardio

The cardio is especially for people who do not practice physical exercise the rest of the year:

It is advisable to practice an activity such as swimming, running, rowing, cycling or elliptical 2 to 3 times a week.

It is also important to include HIIT cardio workout: High Intensity Interval Training that alternates high intensity exercises, with recovery periods, repeated several times.

For example, you can accelerate for short periods of time (for a full 30 seconds) then release (for 30 or 45 seconds of recovery) and repeat 5 times!


Abdominal reinforcement - the plank

The abdominal reinforcement

The abdominal reinforcement is a work of cladding to strengthen the lumbar and abdominal muscles.

Some exercises are easy to do at home, 2 to 3 times a week.

  • The side plank: position on the elbow, put your second arm along the body, align head/pelvis/legs, lift the entire body laterally and maintain 30 seconds. Make 3 sets on each side.
  • The plank: put on the two front arms respecting the alignment head/pelvis/legs and heels engaged back to pay attention to the lumbar. Lift the body while keeping the front arms and feet on the ground. Make 3 sets of 30 seconds.

WARNING: In these 2 exercises, do not forget to breathe (inhale/exhale) and tighten your lap belt (as if you had to close a zipper from the pubis to the navel).

Possibility for the most experienced people to do the same exercises with a TRX. Pilates is also recommended.


Strengthening the lower limbs

Strengthening the lower limbs

  • The chair: stick his back against a wall, shoulders relaxed, head straight (look forward), legs bent at 90 °, feet placed at pelvis width, toes slightly turned outwards, contracted abs and breathing very important . Maintain 30 to 45 sec (or more than one minute for the more advanced).
  • Squats: standing, feet placed pelvic width, toes turned slightly on the outside, back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed and arms crossed in front. Bend your knees pushing the buttocks backwards, your back straight, gaze forward, inhale and rise by engaging the heels to the floor and exhaling. Work from 30 to 45 seconds for 4 to 5 sets.
  • Lunges: standing, back straight, pelvis width, hands on hips, head straight, look forward, contracted abs, take a big step forward, knee bending 90 °, back straight, back leg parallel to the ground on the tip of the foot, push with your leg to return to the original position. Inspiration on step forward / exhale on thrust. Work 30 to 45 seconds, during 4 to 5 sets for each leg.


Proprioception by Maxime


Balance, stability & coordination


Put on an extended leg, hands on the hips, feet wide pelvis, the second leg at 90° direction the buttock, inhale and exhale.

For the more advanced: arms stretched out on the sides and eyes closed!

Stay between 30 seconds and 1 minute. 3 sets on each leg.

Possibility of doing it with a Bosu or a Freeman Plateau.


Stretching and hydration

Stretching and hydration


Flexibility: Stretching exercises to improve posture, prevent injuries, improve relaxation and physical abilities. Breathing is also very important.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself before, during and after your session!

After your day skiing, do not forget to relax and eliminate the lactic acid present in your legs. For this, some activities are recommended such as aquabiking, pilates and stretching for example.

It's over ! These few exercises will allow you to prepare yourself better before your ski holiday. As you can see, these exercises are quite feasible from home!


Gym - Chalet Namaste des neiges

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Gym - Chalet Edge

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