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Summer holidays 2019 in the mountains: the most beautiful chalets and apartments

Alpine Design 

on 05/20/2019

Summer is ideal for enjoying beautiful mountain landscapes and many hiking trails! Recharge your batteries with all the necessary comfort thanks to this selection of apartments and chalets available this summer.

How to surprise her on Mother's Day?

Tips & Guides 

on 05/13/2019

Mother's Day is coming up! Surprise your mom with activities that change from the classic bouquet of flowers or the box of chocolates.

The most beautiful hiking trails in Meribel

Tips & Guides 

on 05/06/2019

Goodbye bitumen, hello running in nature and in the mountains. You can have fun crossing streams, climbing rocks... It is a real playground! Fill up on oxygen and energy with these beautiful trails!

Where to party in Courchevel, Meribel and Val d'Isere

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 04/15/2019

In addition to snow sports, ski resorts offer many activities for entertainment, including clubbing! Discover our recommendations of places to party in Courchevel, Meribel and Val d'Isere.

10 gourmet discoveries to absolutely test!

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 04/08/2019

Discover these trendy and essential addresses where to eat well in the ski resorts! If you want to try everything but you do not know which ski resort to choose: a quiz will help you define the ski resort made for you!

An ideal day of spring skiing

Tips & Guides   

on 03/25/2019

Many of you think that the ski season ends in March... But no! The stations are open until the end of April (or early May). Discover this guide of the ideal day!

What you should not miss this spring 2019!


on 03/18/2019

The days are getting longer, the sun is brighter, and people are moving away from the lifts... Spring has arrived, which means the end of the season for ski resorts, but the range of activities remains as varied and original as in winter!

A wonderful après-ski during spring season!

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 03/11/2019

Après-ski is the moment that follows the end of your ski day. It is usually dedicated to relaxation or the party. Spring has arrived, the days are better... Do not miss out on these special moments!

How does the Cimalpes conciergerie work?

Tips & Guides 

on 03/04/2019

Our teams take their role very seriously. Dedicated to our dear customers, they build custom relationships with each of them. Dive into the heart of an ideal week with our comprehensive concierge services that will meet all your expectations during your stay!

Holidays in Meribel!

Family  Entertainment 

on 02/25/2019

With 370kms of slopes in Meribel, most skiers do not have the time to discover everything! If you are planning a trip, here are some ideas for skiing and other activities.

Cimalpes' 2018-19 Tabloid


on 02/18/2019

Proud of its heritage, Cimalpes has referenced its most beautiful chalets and apartments, uniques holidays settings, which make the reputation of the French Alps.

Why these resorts are part of the best winter destinations

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 01/14/2019

If these stations are known, there is a reason (or more)! Escape, with family or friends, to these dream destinations where winter rhymes with warmth, friendliness, party, laughter and relaxation!

One of the most authentic chalet in Meribel

Alpine Design 

on 12/31/2018

Chalet Fontany, an exceptional property in Méribel full of history. Discover this beautiful chalet, its location, its views, its high-end equipment and its beautiful exposed structure.

The 10 most beautiful swimming pools of the French Alps

Alpine Design 

on 12/10/2018

Can't you imagine a holiday without a pool? Here are some superb ones among a selection of 10 top-of-the-range chalets. Dive into soothing water and swim in happiness!

Live a 100% family vacation!

Family  Entertainment 

on 10/29/2018

Are you planning a family holiday in the mountains? Fill up on good memories through many activities and an unforgettable stay in a chalet or apartment in Courchevel, Meribel, Megeve and Val d'Isere!

How to have a successful family celebration in the mountains

Family  Tips & Guides 

on 10/15/2018

Do you have the exciting but heavy responsibility of hosting a family gathering? Here is the checklist you need for a successful stay.

Car parks at the arrival: put yourself in zero worry mode

Tips & Guides 

on 10/08/2018

All the advice you will need to deal with parking in the resorts of Courchevel and Meribel.

The advantages of staying in a ski residence

Family  Alpine Design 

on 09/24/2018

And if you spent an exceptional moment in a luxury apartment? Live at your own pace and enjoy an authentic stay: a perfect balance between comfort and practicality, services and independence.

9 chalets with extraordinary views!

Alpine Design 

on 09/14/2018

Discover the most beautiful views of the chalets from the living room, bedroom or terrace. Snowy landscapes and exceptional panoramas!

The 7 chalets trends of the month!

Tips & Guides  Alpine Design 

on 09/10/2018

Are you starting to think about your next trip? September is the perfect month to stock up on holiday destination ideas! Stock up on ideas with THE selection of trendy chalets of the moment!

10 cocooning interiors for the winter holidays!

Alpine Design 

on 09/07/2018

Because we all love to take care of ourselves during our free time, find a selection of our most warm and relaxing cocoons to spend the winter in great shape!

5 tips to start autumn!

Family  Tips & Guides  Alpine Design 

on 09/03/2018

Back to work or school! Who says September says school supplies and new dressings. Discover quickly tips to make the return from your holidays easier!

Events not to be missed in August!

  Tips & Guides 

on 07/09/2018

To do with friends or family, discover this summer program! Courchevel, Megeve, Val d'Isere or Meribel, we assure you will enjoy what they prepared for you, no matter your choice!

A programm full of activities this summer!

  Tips & Guides 

on 06/11/2018

This summer, be closer to the nature and discover what our beautiful mountains have to offer! Many activities await you, to do with family or friends!

8 wonderful landscapes of our mountains during summer!


on 05/14/2018

Our mountains are not only enjoyable during winter and reserved to winter sports. Discover the beautiful landscapes, hidden during winter season, and what it reveals to us when the snow has melt!

The best times of our resorts!

Family  Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 04/30/2018

This is official, the winter season is over… This is the perfect opportunity to come back to the best times of our resorts!

Best reasons to enjoy spring skiing!

Family  Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 03/19/2018

20th March, Spring is in the air: the season that we enjoy the most for the last slopes in the best conditions!

8 ideas for cocooning in appartments!

Tips & Guides  Alpine Design  Well-being 

on 03/12/2018

One of the pleasures of the Winter season is to feel comfortable and warm in plaids, close to the fireplace, and feel like being in a cocoon!

14 unusual ideas for couples on February 14th!

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 02/05/2018

Every year, it's the same: you have to dig your head to find nice and romantic ideas for our beloved. This week, get inspired by 14 ideas that we propose for Valentine's Day!

The best end of year celebrations are at ...

Family  Entertainment 

on 11/13/2017


Enjoy the festivities with your loved ones in the best resorts of the French Alps! Fireworks, animations and good plans ...

Meribel is 80 years old!


on 11/06/2017


Meribel celebrates its birthday. Return on the anecdotes of the station, the 2018 exclusive events, the must-see restaurants and places where to sleep!

New month, new chalets!

Alpine Design 

on 10/09/2017

Because time passes and winter arrives faster than we think, we have concocted you a selection of new chalets to discover and visit quickly!

Meribel is renewing!

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 09/18/2017

A day to try everything! Organized or not, you forget (almost) always to do something, and it would be a shame to miss the novelties... Here's to be sure to see everything in 24 hours in Meribel!


Tips & Guides 

on 09/11/2017

2017 is synonymous with a lot of novelties and, thanks to you, we are now able to offer you a website up to your needs: Cimalpes.ski! Discover the latest major trends of the website...

The 5 novelties of the week!

Alpine Design 

on 08/31/2017

September has arrived, back to work and school for the children. It is also time to start thinking about the next holiday: what are you planning for this winter?

9 colorful chalets & apartments

Alpine Design 

on 05/17/2017

Winter means sometimes lack of energy. With this selection of colorful and bright chalets and apartments, you cannot feel the winter blues!

8 chalets with spa

Alpine Design  Well-being 

on 04/28/2017

A spa has many beneficial effects on the body and mind. Indoor or outdoor spa, breathtaking panoramas or cozy and intimate atmosphere... Find the chalets with the spa of your dreams!

Traditional VS design chalet

Alpine Design 

on 02/27/2017

Do you know what really distinguishes a traditional chalet from a design? Answer in the article + in surprise: chalets that perfectly combine the two!

10 ideas for the perfect playroom

Family  Tips & Guides 

on 02/15/2017

The perfect place where children have fun safely without risk of damaging your precious stuff or being too noisy while you want to relax. Our 10 tips to perfect it...

7 ideas for a special Valentine's day!

Entertainment  Tips & Guides 

on 02/06/2017

This year, let's be original, why make Valentine's Day a day when we can make it last a week? 7 days, 7 ideas for an original Valentine's Day!

9 chalets with movie theater

Family  Alpine Design 

on 02/01/2017

You no longer have to wait in the queues, share great moments of emotion and entertainment with ease in your private cinema!

Top 7 atypical chalets

Alpine Design 

on 01/30/2017

What is astonishing in the mountains are these unusual chalets that bring a touch of originality to certain resorts. Discover our Top 7 of atypical chalets!

5 reasons to stay in a chalet

Tips & Guides  Alpine Design 

on 01/19/2017

What makes the chalets holidays so unique? How is it beneficial when you are staying with family or friends? Discover the reasons to favor this type of accommodation during your holidays in the mountains...

12 bedrooms that make you dream

Alpine Design 

on 01/17/2017

When winter arrives, fatigue is felt and it becomes difficult to get up in the morning. Winter has an amazing impact on our sleep. For this reason, here are some cozy bedrooms to relax yourself during the winter evenings!